Gloves are an element of clothing added in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive part of November 28, 2016 Update. This feature allows player to visually change the gloves their player characters wear.

Gloves are visible in third person during gameplay and spectating player who have equipped it.

Similar to Skins, gloves have exterior quality.

Gloves are all classified as "exceedingly rare items" and all contain a star in their name.

Available Gloves Types

Hand Wraps

Inventory Image Description/Flavor Text
Inventory icon leather handwraps

Hand Wraps

Preferred by hand-to-hand fighters, these wraps protect the knuckles and stabilize the wrist when punching.
Leather handwraps handwrap leathery light large


Become notorious
Leather handwraps handwrap red slaughter light large


Who doesn't love working with their hands?
Leather handwraps handwrap fabric orange camo light large


Felix turns a blind eye towards the Colation Taskforce's unsanctioned boxing league
Leather handwraps handwrap camo grey light large

Spruce DDPAT

Some people say they're tough... others show it

Moto Gloves

Name/Inventory Image Description/Flavor Text
Inventory icon motorcycle gloves

Moto Gloves

These bulky hard knuckled gloves can protect the wearers hands from road rash at 60 mph.
Motorcycle gloves motorcycle basic black light large


Don't call it a midlife crisis
Motorcycle gloves motorcycle mint triangle light large


For what he's charging us, you'd think Huxley could at least throw in a tin of mints... - Felix Riley, Commanding Officer
Motorcycle gloves motorcycle mono boom light large


Motorcycle gloves motorcycle triangle blue light large

Cool Mint

Combat has never felt so refreshing.

Specialist Gloves

Name/Inventory Image Description
Inventory icon specialist gloves

Specialist Gloves

Durable, breathable, and stylish; these gloves are designed to take (and give) a beating.
Specialist gloves specialist ddpat green camo light large


Some people don't like getting their hands dirty
Specialist gloves specialist emerald web light large

Emerald Web

Discipline begets success
Specialist gloves specialist kimono diamonds red light large

Crimson Kimono

Start seeing red
Specialist gloves specialist orange white light large


Rumor has it that Tortue was inspired by the Asiimov line of firearms

Sport Gloves

Name/Inventory Image Description/Flavor Text
Inventory icon sporty gloves

Sport Gloves

Synthetic fabrics make these athletic gloves durable and eye-catching.
Sporty gloves sporty green light large

Hedge Maze

Only cowards fear flying close to the sun
Sporty gloves sporty light blue light large


They don't want none
Sporty gloves sporty military light large


If we're going to be heroes, we may as well look the part... - Rona Sabri, Rising Star
Sporty gloves sporty purple light large

Pandora's Box

A must have for any demolitions expert with sweaty palms

Bloodhound Gloves

Name/Inventory Image Description/Flavor Text
Inventory icon studded bloodhound gloves

Bloodhound Gloves

These fingerless gloves have been decorated with metal studs and the Operation Bloodhound logo.
Studded bloodhound gloves bloodhound snakeskin brass light large


Operation Bloodhound marked the end of rouge sniper Chase Turner
Studded bloodhound gloves bloodhound metallic light large


Let's be honest... no one misses Sergei - Hans Kriegeld, Phoenix Tactician
Studded bloodhound gloves bloodhound guerrilla light large


Valeria plans on retribution, of that there can be no doubt... - Sebastien Hennequet, Sniper
Studded bloodhound gloves bloodhound black silver light large


Challenge coins are great, but they don't draw blood when you backfist someone - Carmen Cocinero, Extraction Expert

Driver Gloves

Name/Inventory Image Description/Flavor Text
Inventory icon slick gloves

Driver Gloves

These driving gloves offer protection from the elements while still maintaining tactile sensation.
Slick gloves slick military light large


Sometimes discretion is called for
Slick gloves slick red light large

Crimson Weave

Leave your mark, not your fingerprints
Slick gloves slick snakeskin yellow light large


Standard issue is for suckers... - Imogen, Arms Dealer In Training
Slick gloves slick black light large

Lunar Weave

Keeps the blood off your hands...metaphorically speaking

Default Gloves

Name/Inventory Image Team Description/Flavor Text
Csgo Ct gloves

Default CT Gloves

CT General-purpose tactical combat gloves designed for military or security personnel.
Csgo T gloves

Default T Gloves

T Never be afraid to get blood on your hands. – Valeria Jenner, Revolutionary

Behind The Scenes

  • Cosmetics Gloves were first hinted to in the May 31, 2016 update in game files, four months before their official release.

Unused content

  • In game files, can found unreleased gloves textures[1] - specialist_green_red_black,specialist_forest_brown, motorcycle_choco_boom, handwrap_leathery_fabric_red_slaughter, handwrap_leathery_fabric_orange_camo, handwrap_leathery_fabric_beige_camo, slick_snakeskin, slick_brown, sporty_fade, sporty_red, sporty_pink and motorcycle_yellow_camo.


  • The Default Terrorist gloves are depicted as the fingerless Elite Crew gloves in the inventory, even though most factions use a different, full-leather model.
  • Unlike skins and knifes, Cosmetics Gloves  have no "vanilla" variants.


  • The Moto and Specialist Glove varieties both have the word "TORTUE" written on them. It is placed on the index finger of Moto gloves and the back of the hand on Specialist gloves.
  • "Hand Wraps | Leather" has a hidden Headshot icon.



Unused Content


  1. New Glove Skins found (Glove Case 2) on Reddit

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