Csgo crate spray pack default
Alternate name(s) Spray
Usage Spraying a decal over a solid surface (Hold T, then press the Primary Fire)

Graffiti is a feature added in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's October 6, 2016 update. It reintroduces Sprays (as they were previously unavailable in the game) under a new name and with significant changes.

Varieties & Acquisition

Graffiti like weapon skins each have their own rarity. In addition, two variants exist.

  • Monochromes are, as the name indicates, black and white sprays. And are acquired through level up drops.
  • Colored variants can only be acquired by purchase through the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


  • Like their Spray predecessors, Graffiti can be applied on any solid (map) surface. The use differs as it requires the player to hold the spray key (T by default). This will activate the spraying mode in which a preview of the Graffiti will be displayed. The player can then press the Primary Fire key once satisfied. The Graffiti will fade in at the marked location and the player will exit the spraying mode.
  • Further more, Graffiti have limited usage, being restricted to 50 uses per item and with a cooldown of 60 seconds (a minute) before the next Graffiti can be applied.

Bugs & Exploits

  • Graffiti can be sprayed on transparent surfaces, though they will only appear on one side of said surface.
    • This exploit allows some players to be able to hide behind said Graffiti without any visual obstruction, thus giving them the advantage over unsuspecting players.

Behind the Scenes

  • "Graffiti" were first referred to in the May 31, 2016 update within the game files, four months before their official release.
  • Graffiti recycles old sprays,but different name like:
    • "Smiley" - "Still Happy"
    • "Lambda"
    • "8ball1" - "8-Ball"

Available Graffiti Boxes


  • If you inspect your graffiti long enough it'll disappear in inspect window.


Unknown category
Csgo-achievement-temp-icon The Art of War
Apply graffiti 100 times

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