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Guerilla selection hud cz
Guerilla Warfare
Team Terrorists
Origin Middle East

The Guerilla Warfare is one of the terrorist factions in the Counter-Strike series. This faction has not made a reappearance in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (although judging by concept art, it appears that they were meant to).


A terrorist faction founded in the Middle East, this group has a reputation for ruthlessness. Their disgust for the American lifestyle was demonstrated in their 1982 bombing of a school bus full of Rock and Roll musicians.


The Guerilla Warfare wears a red band; a Kevlar vest; military fatigues, boots, and gloves.


Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroEdit

The bots that use this model are:





Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted ScenesEdit

The Guerilla Warfare appear in 4 missions:


  • This model has been included since BETA 6.5 from August 8, 2000.
  • They're used primarily in jungle-themed maps due to their green and brown clothes.
  • The game file name for this model is guerilla.
  • In Deleted Scenes, the members of this faction speak Spanish. In the beginning of 'Turn of the Crank', they speak to the player in English and during Downed Pilot, Guerilla Warfare guards speak to the imprisoned player in German (which makes sense since the player is a GSG-9 operative)
  • In their official description, the Guerilla Warfare are described as a Anti-American group from the Middle-East. However, they are a completely different faction in the Deleted Scenes' storyline with a different set of motives, originating from either South America or Mexico and operating as a cartel.
  • From their appearance in the beta till Counter Strike: Source, the Guerilla Warfare have changed very little compared to other factions. Their clothing and overall body has relatively stayed the same. 
  • The Guerilla Warfare is commonly misspelled "Guerrilla" Warfare. 


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