17:23 HOURS
Urban Renewal Project Site
Tokyo, Japan

Intro sequence

Radio: Be advised, Mr Yoshida will be arriving on scene shortly.

Tanaka: Hai! Acknowledged, control.

CnC: Courtyard has been secured, we're ready down here.

Tanaka: I don't know why he does this, he's gonna get himself killed.

CnC: Mr Yoshida is entering the courtyard, everybody on your toes.

Leader: Stay sharp people. Anybody here could be a hostile.

Mr Yoshida: Konnichi Wa! Konnichi Wa! (Good afternoon)

Tanaka: Politicians should stay behind the bulletproof glass like they are instructed to. It's too hot for him to be grandstanding with the people.

CnC: Shots fired! Shots fired! We have hostiles!

CnC: Get Mr Yoshida to safety!

Tanaka: We've got more hostiles moving in!

Get down there

Leader: Tanaka follows us. You, get down there and buy us some time!

Wave 1 over

CnC: Your team needs to catch up with us, we've got more hostiles moving in on Mr. Yoshida's position!

Move out

CnC: Your team needs to catch up with us, we've got more hostiles moving in on Mr. Yoshida's position!

Squad 1 down

CnC: Kuso! (Shit) We've got a man down! Repeat, man down!

Squad 2 down

CnC: Kuso! We've got a man down! Repeat, man down!

Tanaka conversation

Tanaka: We are supposed to keep this area secure until further orders.

Bookstore sequence

Clerk: We have many fine books here. Please feel free to browse through our selection.

Girl: There are sooo many books in this series, I just can't choose! heehee. Aren't these characters just too cute? Could you leave me alone? You're starting to make me nervous.

Clothing store

Clerk: You like clothes? We got clothes! The whole combat gear look is so last year.

Out of sight

CnC: We've got hostiles coming from the alley! Get over here!

Come down

Leader: We are heading into the building across the plaza from the skywalk.

Tanaka assist

Tanaka: Here you go. Don't use it all in one place, heheh. I think the captain wants you to secure the alley over there.

New area

Leader: Tanaka has some fresh rounds for you if you're low.

Scout alley

Leader: Scout out that alley over there.


Leader: Sniper! That was the gang leader Toshifune! Mr Yoshida is safe, get after that sniper! Chase him down and take him out!

Impatient message

Leadr: Chase down that Sniper dammit!


Leader: Have you secured the alley yet? Why are you still here? Toshifune is getting away!


Walker: I don't have anything to say to you.


CnC: Mr Yoshida is down, repeat Yoshida is down!

Gang Leader

Toshifune: Stop him!

Clothing store

Clerk: There's a man with a gun...over there...

Clerk: We have many fine products.

CnC warn messages

CnC: Chase down that sniper, chikusho!

CnC: Keep after Toshifune, don't let him get away!

CnC: Are you waiting for an invitation?!

CnC: You're going to lose him!


Toshifune: Out of the way old man!

Old man: Anata ne (You)! What's the big idea, you kids have no respect!

Old man: I hope you kick his ass, the little bastard! I think he bent my rim. Why are you still bothering me? Go get that hoodlum!


Rickshaw man: Let me help you. Someone must get rid of those ruffians!

Rickshaw man: I'm sorry, there's nothing more I can do to help you.

Rickshaw man: What am I supposed to do with a broken rickshaw?


Toshifune: There's some cop following me. Take care of him.

Toshifune: Don't let him stop me!

Toshifune: Stop him!

Toshifune: You're coming with me, honey!

Captive: (scream)

Toshifune: If you keep following me, she dies!

Terrorist: You went that way!

Captive: Tanaka, help me! (scream)

Toshifune: I'll kill her, get away from me!

Toshifune: Back off!


Captive: Thank You!

CnC: Good job operations, that sniper's out for the count.


CnC: Chikusho baka (Stupid)! How could you let him get away?!

Easter egg

VIP: What! I got a headshot on him and he still killed me! Did you see that? Probably some cheating hacker!


Hankagai by Todd "Mr.CleaN" Rose, level designer from Ritual Entertainment

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