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A headshot is a direct shot to the head that will deal more damage than a hit to any other hitbox (approximately deals 4 times so much damage), usually resulting in an instant kill or at least massive damage to the target.



  • Headshots can be scored with all weapons, except grenades (although a grenade that does a lot of damage to the head creates the "plink" headshot sound).
  • Conserves ammunition (If fired in bursts)
  • Capable in killing enemies instantly without helmets.
  • Capable to deliver massive damages to enemies with helmets (or kill with the proper weapons).
  • If an enemy player receives a bullet to the head (without helmet) but is not killed by it, that player will be greatly disorientated by the impact and will have to recover for at least 5 seconds.


  • Requires a good accuracy.
  • Weapons that can give you one-bullet headshots are mostly expensive (for instance, Scout costs $2750). However, the Desert Eagle can do it in one or two shots, and costs only $650. ($800 in Global Offensive.)
  • Hard to do when you and/or the target is moving.
    • Targets that strafe and/or have their back turned towards you can make scoring a headshot harder.
  • Depending on your weapons, it takes more effort to kill a fully armored enemy player with a headshot.
  • Not all weapons are capable to one-bullet headshot kill enemies, especially enemies with helmets. But sniper rifles and close range shotguns may be able to do the job.
  • The target must be exposed to the player's view otherwise, enemy players can quickly take cover thus ruining your chances in killing the enemy with a headshot.
  • Shotguns may not always deliver instant kills if a headshot is scored (as the spread of the pellets may cause the target to survive).


  • When aiming, hold the crouch button to shoot more accurately.
  • When using automatic weapons, shoot 1 (2 if your weapon has a very high fire rate) bullet each time. This will prevent the gun from recoil, but it's risky should your first shot miss.
  • Sniper rifle and other scoped weapons might aid you when aiming.
  • Find good sniping spots, particularly ones that oversee many areas, but also provide protection from enemy fire.
  • Aim at the point that your target must go through, fire when your target's head pops out.
  • It is worthy to note that all player models are exactly the same height thus, be sure to memorize the enemy's position and practice your aiming skills.
  • Remember that even the Helmet cannot protect users from certain types of weapons, such as Sniper Rifles, the AK-47, close range shotguns, and the Desert Eagle, use this advantage to take a headshot.


  • Purchase a Kevlar vest and helmet, since it will protect the user from headshots considerably. Altought it is costly, this is the easiest way to defend against headshots.
  • When confronting enemies, especially the ones with sniper rifles, try to move around in a random pattern to avoid headshots, or run away.
  • Throw smoke grenades to hide your presence. Or, you can throw flashbangs if you need to run.
  • Never crouch at short range, as normal shots to the torso may become a headshot.
    • However, it is possible to engage the enemy and then crouch, especially when confronting a sniper who was attempting to aim for the head.
  • Avoid open warfare locations where you can be targeted from many directions, since too much focusing on a single enemy (or a single direction) might risk you being killed by a headshot.
  • Jumping can disorientate enemies but decreasing your chance in quickly running away and greatly reduces your accuracy.
  • The Tactical Shield is an excellent item to use to prevent lethal shots to the head.
  • Never approach an enemy head-on that is standing on higher platform, as there is a chance that you will be easily killed with a headshot.
  • Never spray more than 3 bullets from any gun from long range. Most players will simply kill you with a headshot by shooting a single or few bullets.


Counter-Strike: SourceEdit


Battle Sight Zero css Battle Sight Zero
Kill 250 enemy players with headshots.
Safety First css Safety First
Survive a shot to the head because you had the good sense to wear a helmet.


Head Shred Redemption css Head Shred Redemption
Kill 5 enemy players with headshots in a single round.

Counter-Strike: Global OfensiveEdit

Combat SkillsEdit

Battle Sight Zero csgo Battle Sight Zero
Kill 250 enemy players with headshots.
Head Shred Redemption csgo Head Shred Redemption
Kill 5 enemy players with headshots in a single round.



  • Headshots have their own unique icon next to the weapon used in the killfeed.
    • Before Counter-Strike 1.6, only the headshot icon appears if a player is killed by a headshot while the weapon does not appear next to it.
  • Servers running custom sounds may signify a headshot with the "HEADSHOT" Unreal Tournament sound, or the famous "BOOM! HEADSHOT!" quote from "FPSDoug."
  • In servers with many players, or mostly new players, getting too many headshots can get you accused of hacking, although if you are not cheating, VAC will ignore you anyway.
  • In some rare cases, if you are killed by worldspawn or by jumping off of a ledge (such as Vertigo), the Console may read:{Player} is killed by worldspawn or trigger hurt with headshot.
  • In GoldSrc versions of Counter-Strike, if a player is killed with a headshot without a helmet at higher places (such as the security room in Assault), heavy blood sprites will appear.

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