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HeavyAssaultSuithud csgo
Heavy Armor
Alternate name(s) Heavy Assault Suit
Price $1250
Usage Reduce damage
Entity name item_heavyassaultsuit

One more thing. We've providing you with heavy armor and medical stims, so you'll be able to take more abuse than normal.
Felix Riley[src]

The Heavy Armor (also known as Heavy Assault Suit) is a protective piece of equipment that was released in the February 17, 2016 update for Operation Wildfire.


  • This item is given to players at the beginning of Co-op Strike missions and is worn by the Heavy Phoenix enemy.
  • In addition of doubling the amount of armor a Kevlar + Helmet provides, the item provides massively increased damage resistance against grenades. A user can survive up to 5 frag grenades at point blank, up to three AWP shots to the chest and up to two AWP headshots and 2 knife backstabs.

Behind the ScenesEdit


  • This is the second item series to provide 200 points of armor, the first being the VIP's Kevlar.
  • The item is interally refered to as Heavy Assault Suit, an upgraded version of the Assault Suit which is the Kevlar + Helmet combination.

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