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The following is a list of quotes from the Heavy Phoenix from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Radio Commands Edit

Main article: Radio

Radio commands can be used by pressing the appropriate radio key.

Note that some radio commands are hidden, but can be enabled with modifications or console commands.

Cover Me Edit

You Take The Point Edit

Hold This Position Edit

Regroup Edit

Follow Me Edit

Taking Fire, Need Assistance Edit

Go Edit

Fall Back Edit

Stick Together Edit

Cheer Edit

Compliment Edit

Report In Edit

Thanks Edit

Roger / Affirmative Edit

Enemy Spotted Edit

Need Backup Edit

Sector Clear Edit

I'm In Position Edit

Reporting In Edit

Get Out Of There, It's Gonna Blow! Edit

Negative Edit

Enemy Down Edit

BOTs Quotes and Special Event Radio Quotes Edit

These commands are said automatically in certain situations eg. planting,defusing,rescuing hostage etc. Also some includes here is used by bots.

Throwing HE grenade Edit

Throwing Smoke grenade Edit

Throwing Flashbang Edit

Throwing Molotov cocktail Edit

Throwing Decoy grenade Edit

When blinded Edit

Planting the Bomb Edit

Bomb Ticking Down Edit

Covering friend Edit

Killed friend Edit

Going to planting Bomb Edit

Bombsite A Edit

Bombsite B Edit

Covering bomb sites Edit

Bombsite A Edit

Bombsite B Edit

Going to defend bombsite Edit

Going to guard hostage escape zone Edit

Disagree Edit

Clear Area Edit

Following Friend Edit

Friendly Fire Edit

Heard Noise Edit

Death Edit

Help! Edit

In combat Edit

Sniper Warning Edit

Sniper Killed Edit

"Heavy" taunt Edit

Lock'n'Load Edit

Waiting here Edit

One enemy left Edit

Two enemies left Edit

Last man standing Edit

Lost enemy Edit

Pinnned down Edit

Pep talk Edit

Request Report Edit

Round Win Edit

Round Win (Clear) Edit

Phoenix Compound Map Edit

The Extraction Edit

Ambush Edit
Gate Edit

Once More Into The Breach Edit

Office Edit

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