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The Heist Mode is a cut game mode from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Reference to game mode can be found in csgo.fgd in game files.

Exactly in func_bomb_target brush entity, where in bush properties description says "This is a Bomb Target designed for the Heist game mode."

@SolidClass base(Targetname, Parentname ) = func_bomb_target: "Bomb Target. The terrorists can place C4 explosives while standing in this zone.\n\n" +"When the bomb is planted and explodes inside this area, the BombExplode outputs are fired. The game handles " +
"all of the bomb planting and scoring logic – the BombExplode outputs are provided to add visual and damage effects."

output BombExplode(void): "Fires when C4 explodes"

output BombPlanted(void): "Fires when a C4 is planted"

output BombDefused(void): "Fires when a C4 is defused"

heistbomb(boolean) : "Heist Mode bomb target" : 0 : "This is a Bomb Target designed for the Heist game mode."

bomb_mount_target(string) : "Bomb Mount Target"

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