Xbox cs training
Hostage-Rescue Training
Creator(s) Ritual Entertainment
Game(s) Csx t
Scenario Training
Counter-Terrorists GIGN
First appearance Counter-Strike (Xbox)
Last appearance Counter-Strike (Xbox)

Hostage-Rescue Training (cs_training) is an official training map featured in Counter-Strike (Xbox).


As the name suggests, this training map serves to teach players the basics of the hostage rescue scenario from a Counter-Terrorist perspective.

There are no enemies present in this training map, giving players the freedom to explore without the fear of getting shot. However, the training does feature a time limit like a regular Counter-Strike multiplayer game. As the map itself is quite small and very linear, this time limit should not cause any difficulties.

The training starts off by explaining the concept of money and the different weapons and equipment that can be purchased using it. Depending on purchase choices made by the player, the training will provide appropriate feedback (such as suggesting to purchase a primary weapon in case the player purchases a pistol). It also briefly touches on controls and the possibility of changing them.

Following this, the training simply instructs the player to locate the hostages. Once the player finds the hostages, instructions are given on how to make them follow the player and the player is informed of the need to being them to a hostage rescue zone. Having rescued the hostages, some brief additional information regarding money rewards is given and the fact that regular hostage rescue scenarios can be won by eliminating the opposing team is also mentioned. Rescuing the hostages concludes the training.

Players are allowed to kill one of the hostages, whereby rescuing the remaining hostage will be enough for a victory. Killing both hostages will lead to a mission failure with an appropriate message. Even though it is quite difficult to die in this training, the game features an appropriate message for dying in the training.

Official description

As a counter-terrorist, your goal is to find hostages and escort them to the hostage-rescue zone.

Tip: Watch your fire. Both terrorists and counter-terrorists lose money for injuring hostages.


This training map was developed by Ritual Entertainment. The remade version of Italy has been used as a base, but the map has been simplified by removing access to the far side and apartments areas completely, making the route via the marketplace the only route leading to the house that holds the hostages. Also unlike Italy, only two hostages are featured and they use the schoolgirl model.

A few textures used in this map are older than the ones used in the final Italy remake featured in the Xbox version, suggesting that this training was branched off Italy before the remake had been finalized.


  • Despite the lack of Terrorists in this map, the game defines the NTO Militia Terrorist faction for this map and the map container file also includes the model and textures for this faction.

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