Affiliation Unknown
(Possibly SEAL Team 6 and IDF)
Weapon M2 Browning Machine Gun
Type Land

The Humvee (or High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)[1]) is a military jeep that appears in the game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. It also appears as a prop outside of Counter-Terrorist spawn in both Dust and Dust2 on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


The Humvee is a light armored vehicle designed primarily for military use. The vehicle's high versatility and impressive performance makes it an ideal vehicle with increased mobility on sand and jungle grounds. The top of the Humvee has an opening that allows a unit to provide cover fire while protecting the drivers and its occupants, usually with a mounted M2 Browning Machine Gun.

It was only seen once in the mission DrugLab in a yard. The Humvee was in the possession of several Terrorists.

The available models include a standard Humvee, a Humvee with a mounted M2 Browning Machine Gun, and a Humvee with either desert or jungle camouflage. It is likely the camouflaged variants were to be used in desert and jungle missions such as Recoil or DrugLab.

The Humvee was seen in the hands of the Guerilla Warfare Terrorist force which was never used. Since the real life Humvee is primarily a U.S. Military vehicle, it was likely stolen from SEAL Team 6.



  • The mounted M2 Browning Machine gun is misplaced on both variants. The standard version is placed within the hole of the Humvee while the jungle version is placed on the right of the vehicle instead of the center.


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