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Incendiary grenade
Alternate name(s) Firebomb
Price $600
Usage Burning enemies
Blocking passage
Expelling snipers
Used by Counter-Terrorist
Movement Speed
(units per second)
Hotkey b-6-1
Entity name weapon_incgrenade

When thrown, the incendiary grenade releases a high-temperature chemical reaction capable of burning anyone within its wide blast radius.
―Official description

The incendiary grenade is an explosive featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, exclusive to the Counter-Terrorists. The Terrorist counterpart is the Molotov cocktail.


When thrown, the incendiary grenade will emit a flammable liquid capable of burning anybody that walks in it. The flames will injure anyone who is within the fire. It can be extinguished by throwing a smoke grenade over it.


  • Covers a wide area
  • Quick damage rate
  • Blocks off choke points
  • Excellent area denial


  • Placement is essential
  • Easily avoidable (if intended targets are far away)
  • Can attract attention for many players
  • Can hurt the user and his team members, even Hostages!
  • Smoke grenades can extinguish the fire.
  • The fire only lasts for a few seconds, meaning you cannot just throw an Incendiary Grenade at an area and then forget about that area for the remainder of the round.
  • Most expensive grenade at $600.



  • Note that tactics with the incendiary grenade are similar to the Molotov Cocktail.
  • Use incendiary grenades to choke points of conflict.
    • Alongside with the Molotov Cocktail, use the incendiary grenade on entry ways to important areas, like bombsites, to prevent enemies from gaining access.
  • If you can get close enough, throw the grenade behind the enemy cutting off the chance of retreat.
    • Also, if you are being chased, use this grenade to keep your attacker away from your position, or at least buy you some time to get away. 
  • You can also use the smoke as cover for snipers, although the effect is not as great as Smoke Grenade.
    • If you know where a sniper is hiding, throw the grenade at him to force him to leave his position.
  • Like the Terrorists who use the Molotov to cover the C4, Counter-Terrorists can use Incendiary grenade to cover entry points to buy the defuser more time.


  • Whenever faced with an incendiary grenade, avoid the flames unless it is absolutely necessary to pass through them (if you are quick, then the damage is non-lethal).
  • While risky, going through the fire can sometimes surprise an opponent who threw the grenade
  • Try to shoot the enemy through the smoke (if you can see them).
  • Avoid standing behind the flames as many players will blindly fire through the smoke.
  • Take another route; the enemy may be using this as a distraction.
  • Camp while the smoke is thick and find a good hiding spot to take out the grenadier by surprise.
  • Use a smoke grenade to extinguish the fire.
    • This counter-tactic can also be used to extinguish a fire that was created by a Molotov cocktail. This is essential if the fire has surrounded a planted bomb so Counter-Terrorists can defuse it safely.


Weapon Specialist
Flame Expert csgo Flame Expert
Kill 100 enemies with the Molotov or Incendiary grenade.

Comparison to the Molotov cocktailEdit



  • Smaller projectile, making it possible to be thrown through tight gaps in which the Molotov cocktail cannot achieve (or at least without more precise aim)[1]


  • Same damage to unarmored opponents
  • Same damage radius
  • Same distance/time until explosion
  • Similar bounce trajectory


  • Lower armor penetration (73.75% vs 90%)
  • Slower weapon switch after deployed
  • More expensive ($600 vs $400)



  • Somewhat oddly, the Incendiary grenade emits a sound when it releases the flames. However, this is probably implemented to share similar characteristics with the Molotov Cocktail and to serve as a warning to players that an incendiary grenade has released flames near their location.
    • This attribute hints that the incendiary grenade in-game is made of some sort of flammable liquid, rather than solid white phosphorus, which the majority of incendiary grenade use in real life.
  • After the February 5, 2014 update in Global Offensive, all grenades received a secondary fire where the grenade will be bounced for short range throw, as well as a third medium-ranged throw (by holding both primary and secondary fire buttons).

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  1. CS:GO - Fire myths investigated (Feb 27, 2014)

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