This article or section refers to unreleased or cut content and may contain inaccurate or incomplete information.
Scenario Survival
Terrorists Unknown
Counter-Terrorists Unknown

Island (survival_Island) is currently unreleased survival game mode map added to game files in October 10, 2016 update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive files.


  • The first mention was added in October 10, 2016 update in mapautocompile.txt file.

 map: survival_island
   vvis:   -mpi
   vrad:   -mpi -hdr -textureshadows -staticproppolys -StaticPropLighting -final
   other:  navanalyze=false

  • During December 1, 2017 update, soundscape script file[1] of said map was added to game files.Sounds/ambience sounds in undone for industrial areas, regular buildings, forest, coastline in said file.Additionally one location is listed as "Crawlspace in house on the hill" which uses spooky ambient and Hostage breathing sounds.


  1. soundscapes_island.vsc