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Primary weapon P90hud cz
Secondary weapon Eliteshud cz
Skill High
Co-op High
Bravery High

Jackal is a Terrorist featured in the Tour of Duty mode of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Jackal appears in expert difficulty only. He is not encountered in the other difficulties.


Jackal appears starting from Tour of Duty 5 until Tour of Duty 6. In Tour of Duty 5, he appears in Aztec.


Jackal's skill type is elite, which means he is 100% accurate when firing. His reaction time is 0.2 seconds and he is very sensitive to footsteps. He does not have any attack delay.

Weapon ManagementEdit

Jackal buys a P90 for a primary weapon and the Dual Elites for secondary weapons. If unaffordable, he will buy a MAC-10. He does not use other weapons.


Jackal has high teamwork. He will always stay together with other teammates. In bomb defusal maps, he escorts the C4 carrier to a bombsite.


Jackal is a very aggressive bot. He will never retreat even when spotting a large group of Counter-Terrorists. In hostage rescue maps, he prefers to scatter around the map rather than camping near the hostages.


Jackal is a part of the Middle Eastern Guerrilla Warfare.

Team MembersEdit

Brother-in-arms Edit

Opposing Counter-TerroristEdit

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