Jason Castillo
Born July 9, 1981
Nationality Usa flag American
Title Level designer
Aliases ■ the_HUNTER

Jason Castillo is a level designer for the Counter-Strike Beta. He is the creator of Alley1.


Jason Castillo's first published levels were Action Quake 2 maps in the form of a trilogy of maps he called the Lock n Load Trilogy. Following a decision by a major Action Quake mapping site, Action Quake Mapping Depot, to not host his upcoming map, he instead decided to refocus his mapping efforts on Half-Life and his first released map for the game was a port of Lock n Load Trilogy.[1]

His initial dabble into Counter-Strike mapping came in the form of two maps, Alley1 and Alley2.[2] While Alley2 was never completed, Alley1 was made official and included as part of Beta 2.0. However its inclusion was very short-lived and it was removed just a month later in Beta 3.0.

Jason designed numerous other Counter-Strike maps in 1999 which included ports of his Lock n Load Trilogy originally designed for Action Quake 2. However he didn't feel that his new maps were good enough to be made part of the mod and he never submitted these for official inclusion.[3] Jason Castillo eventually stopped designing maps for Counter-Strike.

Following his work on Counter-Strike, Castillo designed another map for Action Quake 2 and also attempted map design for the Firearms mod.[4] In 2005 he also created the mod SMOD: Tactical.

List of maps

Official maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Alley1 Beta Level designer 1999

Custom maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Lnl2 (cs) Cs t Level designer 1999
Lnl3 (cs) Cs t Level designer 1999
Ruins (cs) Cs t Level designer 1999
Ruins2 (cs) Cs t Level designer 1999
Ruinslan (de) Cs t Level designer 1999
Ruinsnet (de) Cs t Level designer 1999

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