Affiliation Midwest Militia
Type Ground Jeep

The Jeep is a vehicle seen in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.


It is based on russian UAZ-469 with a softtop. It is a perfect offroad personnel carrier.

It primarily appears in Deleted Scenes missions, including Sandstorm and Motorcade Assault. Two Italian Jeeps were destroyed in the mission Motorcade Assault with the M72 LAW, in which the player was tasked in destroying the front Jeep while another operative destroys the rear Jeep.

Another similar Jeep can be destroyed in the mission Building Recon when the player uses a M2 Browning Machine Gun to fight against large groups of Arctic Avengers. A fuel barrel next to the vehicle can be shot at, causing the Jeep to explode.




  • The Condition Zero variant of de_dust includes a Jeep near the Terrorist Spawn Zone.
  • There are two cut Jeeps found in the file of Deleted Scenes:
    • jeep-2.mdl, the Russian Military variant of the Jeep and it was probably meant to have been used as a wreck after crashed in a script. But the vehicle was cut and the Spetsnaz are never seen using a this Jeep.
    • jeep_explode.mdl, this variant is has different appearance than the Russian and the Italian variant. And this variant is incomplete at the back and was probably used as a testing the exploding animation animation that may originally to appear in Motorcade Assault. Unlike the Italian variant however, it has no driving animation. The front of the car is similar to the Technical.
  • The Russian and the Italian variants of the Jeeps have (European) Russia number plates, which is "BBGUA 5".
  • 2 Driveable Jeep appear in the test map Jeepathon2k. But due to limitations of GoldSrc engine the vehicle was hard to drive and quite glitched, which has led to removal of map along with Jeep itself. The Jeep has limit speed, and uses most of Half-Life's tram properties.


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