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John Attea
John Attea
Nationality Usa flag American
Title Level designer
Aliases ■ Poor Yurik

John Attea is the creator of several Counter-Strike maps. He was a prominent level designer during the beta stages of Counter-Strike, but all his maps were eventually removed from the game during development.

His alias, Poor Yurik, is an intentional misspelling of Poor Yorick from Hamlet.[1]


John Attea got started in level design due to the game Marathon. Eventually he moved on to Doom and then Quake, after finally landing on Half-Life. Jess Cliffe approached Attea about mapping for Counter-Strike during its infancy after being impressed by his mapping for Half-Life.[1]

His philosophy behind level design was to make great maps that were very different from other pre-existing maps, trying to cater to a minority of players who loved playing tactically and valued teamwork.[1][2]

During early beta stages he was perhaps the most prominent level designer in Counter-Strike, having a map present in each version of the game from beta 2.0 until version 1.0. Attea would contribute a total of four maps to the original Counter-Strike, though all of these maps were eventually removed from the game by the time it had matured past its beta stages.

Since retiring from Counter-Strike mapping, he has worked professionally in level design on Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.[3] As of 2013, he has been working as an artist on the indie game Cardinal Quest 2.[4]

List of maps

Official maps

Map Name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Foption Beta Level designer 2000
Forest Beta Level designer 2000
Ship Beta Level designer 1999
Zoption Beta Level designer 1999

Custom maps

Map Name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Defiance Cs t Level designer 2001


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