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Kevlar vest and helmet
Alternate name(s) Armor
Price $650 (vest)
$1000 (vest + helmet)
Usage Reducing damage
Used by Counter-Terrorist

The Kevlar vest and helmet, known in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as simply "Kevlar + Helmet", is a combination of protective equipment found in the Counter-Strike series. Kevlar can be purchased by itself, while the helmet cannot. 


Kevlar body armor costs $650 and reduces damage taken by players from bullets and grenades by a percentage that varies with the armor penetration of each weapon. Each time the armor is hit, the armor value will drop by a percentage based on how much damage was absorbed. Armor disappears after its value reaches 0. A vest will reduce damage and remove aimpunch from attacks to the chest, stomach, and arm hitboxes.

Players can also buy a vest with a helmet for $1000, or add a helmet to existing armor for $350 as long as the armor value is still 100, which extends the protection to the player's head, saving players from headshots by most weapons with the notable exceptions of the sniper rifles, the Desert Eagle, the SG-553 and the AK-47. Like the vest, the helmet removes aimpunch from headshots.

As long as the armor value is not zero, the exact armor value does not matter and damage will always be reduced. I.e. having higher armor value does not give better protection unless the value is reduced to zero.

See tables below for armor penetration values of each weapon.



Weapon Armor Penetration
Glock-18 47%
P2000 50.5%
Dual Berettas 52.5%
P250 77.65%
Five-SeveN 91.15%
Desert Eagle 93.2%
Weapon Armor
Nova 50%
Sawed-Off 75%
XM1014 80%
Weapon Armor
PP-Bizon 47.5%
MP9 50%
MP7 52.5%
UMP-45 55%
P90 65%
Weapon Armor
M4A4 70%
AK-47 77.5%
Galil AR
G3SG1 82.5%
SSG 08 85%
AUG 90%
AWP 97.5%
SG 553 100%
Grenades / Melee
Weapon Armor
Grenade strike* 50%
HE grenade 60%
Incendiary grenade 73.75%
Knife 85%
Molotov cocktail 90%
* all grenades deal 1-4 damage on direct hit depending on range/hitbox, this is halved by armor and may do 0 health damage.


As long as the armor count is larger than 0, damage will always be reduced. The damage to an armored player is calculated by multiplying the damage to an unarmored player with the penetration power listed above.

Rebuying ArmorEdit

The point at which rebuying armor may become useful is found by determining the maximum damage to armor that may be sustained in a round before the next damage applied will kill the player. Of the commonly used weapons, the weapons with the lowest Armor Penetration(and therefore lowest HP Damage to Armor Damage ratio) are the Glock and P2000. The Glock can inflict 12 HP damage/8 Armor damage. At this rate, a player can therefore survive up to 8 hits before dying. The maximum value of useful armor in this instance is 64(8*8). The P2000 can inflict 15 HP damage/8 Armor damage. At this rate, a player can survive up to 6 hits before dying. The maximum value of useful armor in this instance is 48(6*8).

Unless a team can afford full buys for the rest of the half regardless of round wins/losses, it is important to consider the point at which rebuying armor is equitable and not just the maximum armor potentially required. Of the commonly bought weapons, the weapon with the lowest Armor Penetration is the M4. The M4 typically inflicts 22 HP damage/5 Armor damage. At this rate, a player can survive up to 4 hits before dying so the maximum value of useful armor against this weapon is 20(5*4).

If a player previously bought a helmet + kevlar, is shot, and purchases the helmet + kevlar again in the next round, the player will only be charged $650 to replenish the damaged armor, regardless of where the player was shot.


Counter-Strike: SourceEdit


Safety First css Safety First
Survive a shot to the head because you had the good sense to wear a helmet.


  • The hotkey for this equipment is b51/b52 or o1/o2.
  • Kevlar vest protects the chest, stomach and the arms (starting at BETA 1.2) while the helmet only protects the head.
  • If a player is shot in the head while wearing a helmet and assuming the shot is non-lethal, the third person view will display the player's head snapping violently back and forth. This however, does not appear in Counter-Strike: Source as players will never flinch when injured.
  • Kevlar armor in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes provides significantly better protection than its multiplayer counterpart, and can be found in the environment in most missions.
  • There is no visual difference when having armor equipped.
  • The world model file for Kevlar is named "w_kevlar" while the Kevlar and helmet is named "w_assault".
    • Kevlar and Helmet is referred as "assaultsuit" in the game files while the Kevlar is still "kevlar".
    • On the Dynamic Weapon Pricing website, the Kevlar + Helmet combination was known as the "assault suit". 
  • If a mapper has decided to use content from Half-Life and place the battery used specifically for the H.E.V. suit, players will gain 15 points of armor. In some custom servers, if a Half-Life NPC is used, the Kevlar has the same properties as the H.E.V. suit.
    • Moreover, the H.E.V. recharge port is usable in the GoldSrc Counter-Strike games.
  • Although the world model of the Kevlar does not appear in official maps (except the training mission from Counter-Strike 1.0), some custom maps feature the MDL file that can be obtained by players.
    • Note that when a player's Kevlar is reduced to zero, he cannot pick up a new Kevlar vest by walking over it.
  • It is impossible to purchase or obtain the helmet discretely.
  • The Kevlar and Helmet is less effective in Source and Global Offensive as armor penetration from most weapons is increased.
  • In Counter-Strike 1.6, if a player is shot in the head and the shot causes the armor to reduce to 0%, the normal headshot sound is heard but the helmet impact can be seen.
  • The VIP in Assassination scenario has 200 armor, which will reduce damage by taking the initial absorption as explained above and then reduce it by 50%. However, since he is the top priority, he must rely on his teammates to ensure his escape as his unique armor count is not a substitute for adequate protection.


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