Gsg9 tod
Cost 3
Primary weapon Awphud cz
Secondary weapon Fivesevenhud cz
Skill Ok
Co-op Low
Bravery Bad

Kirk is the only normal skilled Counter-Terrorist sniper bot in the Tour of Duty mode in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Kirk is available in every difficulty like most of the other Counter-Terrorist bots. Depending on the difficulty, there are different amounts of reputation points that are needed to hire Kirk:

  • Easy - 10 reputation points are needed.
  • Normal - 10 reputation points are needed.
  • Hard - Available from the beginning.
  • Expert - Available from the beginning.


His skill is normal, which means he has a reaction time of 0.4 seconds  and he can detect footsteps. When he spots an enemy target, Kirk will hold his fire for 0.7 seconds to aim then starts firing. Usually, it takes two to three shots for him to hit an assailant. For close battle, he will switch to a pistol to engage enemies.


Kirk buys an AWP when his money is greater than $4750. If he cannot afford an AWP, he will buy a SIG 550, followed by a Scout, a FAMAS, and then a MP5 Navy. When using the SIG 550 or the Scout, he will switch to a G3SG/1 if discovered. If he finds a Galil, he will pick it up if he is wielding a MP5 Navy.


Kirk rarely follows the player's commands. He likes to stay alone.


Kirk is a very passive bot. When he sees a teammate dead in his view, he will retreat and traverse another pathway. He also gets nervous when facing a couple of enemies at once. He will switch to a pistol and run away. In bomb defusal maps, he likes to guard a bombsite. In hostage rescue maps, he is rarely seen rescuing the hostages, unless he is the last man standing.

Voice Pitch

The voice pitch for Kirk is 105, which means he has quite a high voice pitch.


  • Kirk is the only Tour of Duty sniper bot that will buy a SG 550 if the AWP is prohibited for him to purchase, unlike other sniper bots which will only buy the Scout if they cannot afford the AWP, even when they can afford the SG 550.

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