Land Mine
Alternate name(s) Bouncing Betty Cscz t (cut)
Anti-Personnel Mine, Mine Csczds t
Usage Preventing undesired personnel from entering an area
Used by Terrorists Cscz t (cut)
Guerilla Warfare Csczds t
Entity name trigger_hurt

The Land Mine or Mine for short is an anti-personnel explosive device that is mainly used for defensive area denial.


  • Most land mines that appear are already deployed on the field, they can easily spotted as they are not buried and having a glowing red light.
  • The mine detonates simply upon being stepped on. They deal no splash damage and instead instantly kill their victim.
  • The mines cannot be disarmed or triggered from anything but a person stepping on it. The best way to deal with them is to avoid them by walking around them.
  • Only the Argentinian and Colombian branches of the Guerilla Warfare have reportedly used the land mine.[1]


The mine appears as a grey metal device with a red pressure plate the emits a red glowing light atop of it. As previously mentioned, only the Guerilla Warfare has made use of this device.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes
Mission Map Number Locations
DrugLab cz_druglab2 3 Front Entrance~ [3]
Downed Pilot cz_downed2 4 Airplane~ [2], Bridge [2]
For visual locations, refer to the gallery.
~ means an NPC will step on a single mine and kill themselves.

Bugs & Exploits

If a mine has been previously detonated by an NPC, the mine can detonate again and kill the player even if its physical representation disappears and without any explosion effect (sound or visual blast).


  • The mines deal 666 damage. This number is commonly known as the Number of the Beast.[2]
  • The Deleted Scenes depict the mines as visible and spotting a glowing red light to indicate their presence. This is unlike reality where mines are generally burrowed with no visual indication of their presence, often making successful victims.
  • Both missions featuring mines have an NPC "accidentally" run into one and kill themselves as to warn the player of the presence of mines.
    • In DrugLab, a SEAL runs into one right after Spider Team was warned about their presence on radio.
    • In Downed Pilot, a Guerillo runs into one as the player approaches the airplane. This scene is somewhat comic as another mine is barely a couple of inches next to it.
  • If an NPC other than those scripted to step on a mine does so, they will die without being sent flying like they normally would. Regular death animations or gibing occur.

Behind the scenes

  • The mines were to appear in Rogue Entertainment's build of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.
    • These mines, also nicknamed "Bouncing Betty", would emit a sound when stepped on. If the player that stepped on one of them tried moving away, the mine would explode killing the player. A Counter-Terrorist equipped with the universal tool could defuse these mines, even after having stepped on one of them.
    • This is unlike the final iteration in the Deleted Scenes where the mine would instantly kill any target that stepped on it.


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  2. Valve Hammer Editor

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