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Lost Cause
Cz lostcause large
Deleted Scenes Mission
Previous MissionRecoil
Next MissionSecret War
Setting23:39 HOURS
Terrorist Camp,
Basilan Islands, Philippines
Counter-Terrorist AgencyGSG-9
Terrorist Faction(s)Guerrilla Warfare
OverviewWhile on vacation in the Philippines, a group of German nationals has been kidnapped by a terrorist organization.
Main objectivesInfiltrate the compound.
Locate the hostages.
Assist the team to secure the compound.

Since you are our only agent on the ground, you'll need to infiltrate the camp, and locate the German nationals being held hostage.
―GSG-9 Commander
Lost Cause is the second mission in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. This is the only mission that the player has to face tripwire mines.

The player, the only agent on the ground, has to infiltrate a camp filled with Guerrilla Warfare members. Alongside with getting rid of any hostiles, the player must also locate and provide support for the hostages. After securing the German nationals, the commander requires him to clear a pathway to the docks. On the way, the player must evade trip mines and explosive barrels.


When the mission starts, the player finds out he is the only operative on the ground. The commander announces he must infiltrate the camp and locate 3 German nationals being held hostage. If the player gets spotted, the hostages will be put in unnecessary danger, leading to a mission fail.

After all of the hostages are located with a fiber optic camera, the player assaults the building along with the rest of his unit. During the process, the player gets detoured and has to meet back up with them. Once spotted, the officer will tell the player to clear a path to the docks. If the player does as asked, he will be awarded with extraction boats that will take him, the rest of his unit, and the hostages to a safe place.

Weapons & equipmentEdit


Name Ammunition Amount
Knife 1
ES Five-seven 20/100
KM UMP45 25/100
HE grenade 1
Radio 1
Fiber optic camera 1

Obtainable weaponsEdit

Name Ammunition Amount
Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun 7/32
Krieg 550 30/0

Obtainable equipmentEdit

Name Ammunition Amount
Smoke grenade 1
RC bomb 5
Blowtorch 1
Kevlar vest 1


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  • There is a glitch at the beginning of the map. When the player returns to the shack with the Blowtorch after reporting the location of the German nationals, the sleeping guard will be absent (possibly alerted by the GSG-9 invasion). However, touching his chair will still trigger a mission failure.
  • The Terrorists in this mission are actually Yakuza members in Guerilla Warfare uniform.
  • Many UN supply boxes are found in the map and has labels Pakkain, Durian Prutas [Panganib], Kasarian Langis, Medesina, and Kasarian Libro. All labels use the Tagalog language, which is the Philippines' main language, however most of the labels are misspelled.

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