Lost Cause

23:39 Hours

Terrorist camp

Basilan Islands, Philippines.

Briefing by radio

GSG-9 Commander: Since you are our only agent on the ground, you'll need to infiltrate the camp, and locate the German nationals being held hostage. Once you in their position, application unit 1 will start our assault. Do not engage the enemy before we start our assault, or the hostage's lives are put in unnecessary danger.

(Player goes in to find hostages)

New set of orders

Commander: Affirmative, package position verified, beginning assault!

(Fire-Fight occurs)

Operative: Man down, we have a friendly down!

Commander: Hurry! This place is going down around us, SCHNELL SCHNELL!

(After the fire-fight, an explosive triggered)

Commander: Shit! This place is a booby trap. Everybody keep your eyes open for tripwires.

(When the player shoots one of the explosive barrels, where the two terrorists are standing nearby)

Commander: Oh damn, be careful! The wires are detonating all over the compound.

(Player meets up with the unit)

Officer: We need to stay here to cover the packages. You move ahead and clear the path to the docks!

(Player then fights his way to the docks)

Radio: (if delaying) What's the delay?! Schnell!

(Easter egg)

Hostage 1: I don't want to die!

Hostage 2: %uh, I'm gonna puke!

Injured Hostage: Please, don't kill me!

Officer: All Clear!

Operative: Clear!


(Player clears all enemies and Radio in CNC)

CNC: Extraction boats are inbound, prepare to depart.


Lost Cause by Luke "weasl" Whiteside, level designer from Ritual Entertainment.

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