Primary weapon M4a1hud cz
Secondary weapon Eliteshud cz
Skill Bad
Co-op Good
Bravery High

Lunatic is an easy difficulty Terrorist bot in the Tour of Duty Campaign mode of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Lunatic appears in all missions of easy difficulty. He is not encountered in other difficulties.


Lunatic's skill type is easy, which means he is 0% accurate when firing, has a reaction time of 0.5 seconds, and cannot detect footsteps. When facing an enemy target, he will hold fire for 1.5 seconds.

Weapon Management

Lunatic buys a random weapon for his primary weapon and the Dual Elites for his secondary weapons. He will pick up the M4A1 if discovered and uses it without the silencer. This is because Lunatic's weapon preference is the Maverick M4A1 Carbine as defined in the BotCampaignProfile.db, which is not available to the Terrorists.


Lunatic has good teamwork. He always stays together with other teammates. In bomb defusal maps, he escorts the C4 carrier to a bombsite.


Lunatic is a very aggressive bot. He will never retreat no matter how many enemies there are. In hostage rescue maps, he likes to scatter around the map rather than camping near the hostages.


Lunatic is part of the Guerrilla Warfare.


  • In the file "BotCampaignProfile.db", at the line where Lunatic can be found, it has a description of " WeaponPreference = m4a1 // kind of a hack - give him a weapon he cant buy so he uses pistols". It is possible the developers intentionally put this for humor or wanted this bot to only use pistols.
    • Due to this, Lunatic may purchase a weapon, like the Krieg 552 or G3SG/1, that the other Terrorist bots do not use.

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