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M2 Browning Machine Gun
M2 Browning brush
Alternate name(s)

Ma Deuce, Fifty




Usa flag U.S.A.


.50 cal

Used by

Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists

Reload time


The M2 Browning Machine Gun is a heavy machine gun that appears in Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. With the exception of Deleted Scenes, it can only be seen on custom maps and in some beta maps.

Counter-Strike and Condition ZeroEdit

While it does not appear in any official map, it can be placed by mappers on unofficial maps. Its accuracy, range, firing mode and speed depends on the coding made by the mapper who placed it.

In the Counter-Strike Beta, the map Desert contained a M2 Browning at the Terrorist Spawn Zone.

Appearances in Deleted ScenesEdit

It often appears in Deleted Scenes. It is mostly used by the AI. If the AI enemy controlling it is killed, the machine gun will be destroyed.

The player has also some occasions to use it:


  • When used by enemies, it has a slow rate of fire but inflicts a large amount of damage.
  • When used by the player, it has a very fast firing speed and still inflicts heavy damage. In fact, it deals so much damage that it can gib enemy players.
  • The M2 has infinite ammo, so the ammo never runs out.
  • Most M2 Brownings will not feature a shield.
  • In Rise Hard, there are two M2s need to be detonated by RC Bombs, so it cannot be used.
  • This weapon will not overheat.
  • If the Technical is not destroyed, the M2 mounted on it can be used.
  • In some custom maps, the M2 may have different fire sounds.
  • It possible to kill youself with the M2. However, in online custom maps, killing yourself will lead to a score penalty.


  • The green colored M2 Browning Machine Gun's model are taken from Half-Life.
  • The M2 Browning can be seen in the Source version, they are in the map with APC (usually in CT spawn zone), but they cannot be used even the player manages to get behind it.
  • Because the M2 does not appear in any Source game (with the exception of Half-Life: Source), it is not seen/usable in CS:S and CS:GO.
  • In Counter-Strike Online, this weapon can be in ported and mounted mode since the ZM4: Darkness patch.
  • If a player is wielding a Sniper rifle and uses the zoom-in function while operating the M2, the zoom will be remain on which can be used against enemies from long range.
  • In Deleted Scenes, NPCs that operate the M2 are not affected with the console command "notarget".

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