Game(s) Game icon 730
Price $3100
Origin Usa flag United States
Caliber 5.56 caliber
Magazine capacity 30 / 90
Firing mode(s) Automatic
Rate of fire 666 RPM
Used by Counter-Terrorists
Reload time 3.1 s
Counterpart AK-47
Movement speed
(units per second)
225 / 250 (90%)
Kill Award $300 (Competitive)
$150 (Casual)
Damage 33
Recoil Control 20 / 26 (76%)
Accurate Range 28 m
Armor Penetration 70%
Penetration Power 200
Hotkey B-4-2 CT
Entity weapon_m4a1

More accurate but less damaging than its AK-47 counterpart, the M4A4 is the full-auto assault rifle of choice for CTs.
―Official description

For the M4A4's predecessor, see Maverick M4A1 Carbine.

The M4A4 is a Counter-Terrorist rifle featured exclusively in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, replacing the previous Maverick M4A1 Carbine. It has the M4A1-S as its alternative load out.


The M4A4 is based on the Mk. 18 Mod 0 carbine, fitted with an ARMS#40 flip-up rear iron sight and KAC free-float RAS handguard.[1]

In-game, the weapon holds 30 rounds and has 90 rounds in reserve.


Hitbox Primary Attack
Unarmored Armored
Head 131 92
Chest & Arm 32 23
Abdomen & Pelvis 40 28
Leg 24 24
Red signifies a fatal hit.



  • The M4A4 has high accuracy and moderate recoil, especially when fired in bursts. However, spraying bullets is not always recommended, unless you're in close proximity with the enemy.
    • At longer ranges, burst fire, unless an opponent has a sniper rifle, like the AWP. Retreating when an experienced sniper has spotted you is more recommended than recklessly charging in an open area.
    • In medium and close ranges, you can spray bullets at the torso or stomach. Be sure that you are accustomed to the recoil however.
    • Although headshots from the M4A4 are not always lethal, you can aim for the head at close ranges. A headshot might kill if an opponent is already hurt, or at least deliver heavy damage.
      • Experienced players with AK-47 rifles may outgun M4A4 users at mid to long ranges. To counter this, try to burst-fire as the M4A4 has lower recoil or find a way to gain close proximity due to higher rate of fire of the weapon.
  • This rifle can easily counter assailants armed with higher recoil and/or lower rate of fire weapons, especially if opponents have trouble controlling their weapon at close ranges. Examples include the AK-47 and the SG 553.


  • If you were ambushed by a M4A4 user, try to disengage with users at close range as soon as possible. Use a flashbang and maintain distance.
    • More powerful close range weaponry, such as shotguns, can counter enemy users. The Sawed-Off is a good example.
  • Although somewhat risky, the AK-47 is considered far better to use at close proximity as it inflicts higher damage.

Comparison to the M4A1-S



  • Larger magazine and more reserve ammo (30 / 90 vs 20 / 40)
  • Shorter length compared to the M4A1-S with a suppressor attached
  • Faster rate of fire (666 RPM vs 600 RPM)


  • Inflicts roughly the same amount of damage to unarmored opponents (33, negligible 1 point of difference in headshot)
  • Same price ($3100)
  • Same reload time (3.0 seconds)
  • Same kill award ($300 (Competitive) $150 (Casual))
  • Same movement speed (225)
  • Same accurate range (28 m)
  • Same penetration power (200)


  • No attachable suppressor
  • Less accurate when moving
  • More damage falloff
  • Worse recoil control (20 vs 19)


Weapon Specialist
M4A4 Expert csgo M4 AR Expert
Kill 1000 enemies with the M4 Assault Rifle.


  • The name M4A4 implies that the weapon is a theoretical further iteration of the M4 carbine. In the United States Military, the A# designator indicates the iteration / version of the firearm after its original issue, and M4A1 is currently the latest iteration of the M4 carbine the US Military has produced.
  • After the sound update in CS : GO, the M4A4 shares its firing sound with the Galil AR.
  • In Global Offensive, the M4A4 is the only weapon to have a "Contraband" quality skin, the Howl (meaning it is no longer obtainable via weapon cases or a Trade Up Contract), due to the original Howl plagiarizing artwork without copyright permissions. As a result, the remaining Howl skins in circulation demand extremely high prices.
  • A similar instance occurred with the M4A4 | Griffin. However, the artwork was only changed, but the skin was not made Contraband.
  • The M4A4 originally had a different firing sound but during the development of the game, it was changed to sound much more like the original M4A1.
  • The M4A4 shares its reload animation with the M4A1-S and SCAR-20.
  • All three involve "slapping" the side of the gun. This is actually slamming down the bolt catch (a small, paddle-shaped lever on the side of the receiver). Although meant pressed with the thumb, some shooters prefer slapping it for convenience.
  • Some gun experts refer to this process as "sending the bolt home".
  • The M4A1 in Counter-Strike Online 2 is based on the model of the M4A4.
  • In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the M4A4 was the most common rifle purchased by CT players. However, after the M4A1-S was added, the M4A4 dropped in popularity by human players considerably[2] and is more commonly wielded by bots.
  • The weapon entity name shares its name (weapon_m4a1) with its predecessor from previous Counter-Strike games even though it does not match the actual weapon.

External links


  2. Counter-Strike Blog: Balancing Act

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