W law
Alternate name(s) LAW Grenade
Price $1200 (cut)
Origin Usa flag United States
Caliber 66mm
Weight (loaded) 2.5 kg
Muzzle velocity 145 m/s
Used by Counter-Terrorists
Damage 125
Entity weapon_laws

The M72 LAW is a single-shot rocket launcher that appears in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes after being cut from Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


When drawn, the player extends the weapon and opens the launcher before being able to fire. This delay can be quite troublesome when in open areas, meaning it is to draw the launcher when in cover and when knowing the enemy's position.

A player may only carry a single launcher and rocket. After firing them, they will discard the launcher.

The rocket can take out a large group of enemies with ease and even destroy vehicles in one hit. To top it all, a direct hit is a one-hit kill unless the victim is wearing armor or has incredibly high health. Due to its power, wielders are very big threat when friendlies around whether it is the enemy or an ally.

Although the number of enemies using it are rare, their effective range and reaction times compensate for it, making them high priority targets during missions.


Although mostly used by the enemy, the LAW is avaible on occasions to the player.

  • During Building Recon, it is used in order to take out an enemy tank, 4 more can be found.
  • During Motorcade Assault, it is used to destroy one of the trucks escorting the target, given during the start.
  • It can be found in Sandstorm mission, as an Easter Egg. It is located on a rooftop above a machine gun nest, accessible by jumping up a number of crates and ledges.
  • An unusuable LAWS can be seen in the mission Fastline. One of the Yakuza Terrorist members wields the weapon and fired a rocket at a Kidotai Counter-Terrorist operative. Eventually, if the player searches the area long enough, the LAWS can be seen but is unusable.

Bugs & Exploits

  • The LAWS rocket has the tendency to ricochet off surfaces or even enemies, before exploding. This is caused by a game engine bug.
  • A glitch can be performed by equipping the launcher, firing it, and pressing Q before the throwing-down animation plays. Pressing Q again brings you back to the weapon, where you can fire again even without ammunition. This can be done as many times as you like as long as you do not use the 1-5 keys to change weapons and do not switch off after firing.
  • If the player saves or loads a game when firing the LAW rocket, the rocket ammo will act like a Flashbang. Upon detonation it will simply blind the player and enemies without harming them.


  • LAW stands for Light Anti-Tank Weapon but is often referred to as Light Anti-Armor Weapon, simply LAW, or even LAWS (for Light Anti-Armor Weapons System).
  • Unlike what its alternate name LAW Grenade implies, the real M72 LAW is not a grenade launcher. It is instead a rocket launcher, as it launches a self-propelled explosive projectile mounted inside the tube.
  • The sights on the M72 are folded, but when the player equips it, the sights will be automatically unfolded.
  • The M72 will be automatically unfolded if the player switches to another weapon after its deployment. 
  • It is unknown what faction was to use this weapon in Counter-Strike. It may be likely that both the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists could purchase the LAWS, though most Terrorists in real life favored the cheaper, reusable RPG-7.

Behind the scenes

  • The weapon was originally designed and concieved by Gearbox Software for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, but as the multiplayer version was to be made compatible with Counter-Strike it was also meant to be included in its latest update.
    • According to beta footage and the few cut HUD icons still found in retail version of Counter-Strike, it was named the LAW GRENADE, was Terrorist exclusive in the multiplayer, cost $1200, had a single use and disallowed players to carry other types of grenades.
    • The weapon is described in detail by Randy Pitchford, the president of Gearbox Software, in an old interview of 2002. It is also seen in action within the video.[1]
    • The weapon made several undirect appearances in the Gearbox Software trailer of the game, although unseen, the rockets are shots from multiple windows at Counter-Terrorists.


  1. Randy Pitchford on Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (2002) at Youtube

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