MD Helicopters 520N NOTAR
Affiliation Kidotai, SWAT
Type Helicopter

The MD 520N NOTAR is a small transport helicopter that only appears in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. It is modeled after the real life MD520N, a helicopter variant of the MD500.


The 520N is a small helicopter used by Counter-Terrorist forces, specifically the Kidotai, as a mini assault helicopter, a transport for special forces, or a small air ambulance. It is usually used by the Police to carry snipers and small units. By the military, it is used to carry a small number of troops or can function as a small MEDEVAC (MEDical EVACuation) chopper.

Its small size makes it good to land on small areas, and makes it difficult to be hit by an RPG. Unlike Blackhawks or Hinds, they lack armament (weapons) and have little armor. Due to this, this helicopter was shot down with ease, as seen in Run!.

NOTAR is sometimes confused with Mil Mi-34 and Boeing AH-6 Littlebird due to their similar appearances. However this helicopter is unique as its only helicopter that doesn't feature tail rotor in Deleted Scenes. (Hence its name NO TAil Rotor)

Below is a chart of comparison of helicopters, with speed, armament and armor.

Helicopter Comparison Armament Armor Speed

Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk

Rockets at the side, chain gun in the nose High Normal
Mi-24 Hind Rockets at the side, and chain gun in the nose High Slow-Normal
NOTAR N/A Low Fast- Very Fast

Appearances in Deleted Scenes


After the player killed a powerful Yakuza leader and was seen doing it, the Kidotai made plans to get him out of the city. Plan A was to get out via helicopter. If that failed, which it did, Plan B was to get out via truck.

Miami Heat

This helicopter appeared in Miami Heat mission used by SWAT forces.


  • Oddly, helicopter lacks it's rear exsaust port.

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