W machete
Price Unknown
Firing mode(s) Slash
Used by Terrorists
Counter-Terrorists (cut)
Movement speed
(units per second)
Unknown (but slower)
Damage Medium (Primary Attack)
Fatal (Secondary Attack)
High (Enemies) Csczds t
Entity weapon_machete (cut)

The machete is a melee weapon cut from Counter-Strike & Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and used by Terrorists in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.


The machete is a Terrorist exclusive melee weapon in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes. It inflicts higher damage, has a higher melee range than the knife, and wielders can hit the player even while moving. Enemies armed with the machete can run faster than the player unless the latter is equipped with a scout.

When the player is being attacked by a machete user, that player's screen will rotate about 10 degrees for several seconds making it slightly more difficult to aim.

The machete is also one of the few weapons that bypass the protection provided by the Tactical shield.


Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes
Difficulty Damage
Unarmored Armored Health Armor
Easy 15 11 7 4
Medium 25 19 12 7
Hard 35 26 17 9
Kevlar reduces damage by about 27.3%
Kevlar also absorbs about 35.8% of damage after reduction.


The Machete appears as a Latin machete with blue steel and a toothed edge with a blue plastic handle. Only held by Terrorists, it appears in several missions in the Deleted Scenes, most notably those in African, Asians and South American theaters.

  • Several Machetes appears during the events of Recoil. They mostly attack and ambush players from corners or locked doors. They are no longer seen after finding the Delta Force Sniper.
  • A few machetes appear in the initial sections of Lost Cause's compound.
  • Only one Machete appears in Building Recon at the Soviet Statue Square along with dozens of other Arctic Avengers.
  • Two machetes appear in DrugLab, one in the tunnel and one under the breaking stairs inside the compound.
  • A couple of machetes appear on the deck and in and near the Generator Rooms of the ship in Thin Ice.
  • Three machetes appear at the end of Downed Pilot, two after rescuing the first pilot in the village, and one when rescuing the last pilot in the village.
  • Three machetes are also found within Moses Sepulveda's warehouse hideout, one of which is manning the M2 Browning Machine Gun.
  • Although rare, machetes do appear before the courtyard area inside one of the buildings in Alamo right as the operative's team mates are ambushed and shot.
  • Some machetes appear throughout GenaServ's office complex in Rise Hard. The boss is also the only boss of the game that uses the Machete.
  • Some machete users appear in the Subway Skirmich during the events of Fastline.
  • Inside of the compound in Truth in Chaos, some machete users appear in the corridors, right before either VX Gas containers or hostages.
  • Two other machete users can be found in Pipe Dream, inside the complex.
  • Few of them are also found within the Chemical Plant in Sandstorm.

Behind the scenes

  • The machete was originally meant to appear in Gearbox Software's builds of Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.
    • It was to be a Terrorists only weapon and could have served some use in the Jungle levels[1], this perhaps hints towards another cut possible use in Ritual Entertainment's build of the game, as the Knife in Downed Pilot was used to cut through vines and roots.
    • If released, it would have been the first purchasable melee weapon in the series, a status that has yet to be claimed.
  • The presence of a cut viewmodel and a worldmodel in the Deleted Scenes' game files hints that the player was originally supposed to acquire a machete, possibly from a dead enemy.


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