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The machete is a melee weapon cut from Counter-Strike and used by terrorists in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.


The only hint of its possible appearance are 2 HUD icons and a kill icon representing it.

Deleted ScenesEdit


A machete is a melee weapon used by most hostile AI in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes. It inflicts higher damage than the knife although, to balance it out, the AI run slightly slower.

Like the Suicide Belt, the machete is used mostly in the mission Recoil and earlier missions.


  • Easy: 15 damage per slash
  • Medium: 25 damage per slash
  • Hard: 35 damage per slash


The presence of a viewmodel and a worldmodel hints that the player was originally supposed to acquire a machete, possibly from a dead enemy. When the player is being attacked by a machete user, that player's screen will rotate about 10 degrees for several seconds which will make it harder to aim.

The player was to originally retrieve the machete during mission Rise Hard (a.k.a Highrise) after the apprehension when facing the boss. However, the weapon is cut and replaced with the knife for unknown reasons.



Deleted ScenesEdit


  • This weapon appears in Left 4 Dead 2, developed by Valve and Turtle Rock Studios. A similar weapon appears in Team Fortress 2, (another game developed by Valve), as the Kukri.
  • The database file name for this weapon is machete.
  • It can still hurt the player even when deploying the Tactical shield. This can be proven through the mission Fastline.
  • Based on the viewmodel, the machete had two fire modes which was slash and stab (similar to the knife). The stab animation is notably cruel; the machete is thrusted in, then forced out.
  • The HUD and Kill icons show the machete as more curved like a Kukri, while the in game machete is not curved at all.
  • Most of the enemies in Deleted Scenes wearing a ski mask or a scarf will use the Machete.

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