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Mansion beta10
Creator(s) Magnus Lind
Game(s) Beta
Scenario Hostage rescue
First appearance BETA 1.0
Last appearance BETA 3.1

Mansion (cs_mansion) was an official Hostage rescue map featured in the Counter-Strike beta.


Mansion was created by Magnus Lind from the CS Team (which was formed by less than 10 people - Gooseman, Cliffe, Viper-X and others). It was the first map ever made and was added in Counter-Strike BETA 1. Even though it was the first Counter-Strike map, it's life span was very short as it was moved from the game at BETA 2. It returned in BETA 3 with new spawns, but was removed shortly after.

The reasons why this map was removed were horrible map design and many sniper spots/small cover possibilities for Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists respectively. This map had only 3 hostages, which was the same amount at the time as Assault.


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