Sas tod
Cost 3
Primary weapon M4a1hud cz
Secondary weapon Deaglehud cz
Skill High
Co-op Bad
Bravery High

Not to be confused with the Maverick M4A1 Carbine.

Maverick is one of the elite Counter-Terrorist assault rifle wielding bots in the Tour of Duty mode of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. He is one of the most used bots in the Tour Of Duty Campaign.


As his name indicates, he is fiercely independent of the player's commands and uses the Maverick M4A1 Carbine. However, he is chosen often due to his Elite skill level, which is the highest possible and yet he costs only 3 points compared to the 5 points required for other Elite bots. The justification for his cheaper cost is his 0/100 teamwork (as stated in the file "BotCampaignProfile.db" with the description of "cheaper because he doesn't listen at all"). He is also extremely reckless due to his 100/100 aggression.


His availability depends on the difficulty.



Maverick's skill type is Elite, which means he is 100% accurate when firing. His reaction time is 0.2 seconds which means he is very sensitive to footsteps. He has no attack delay and is the only Elite skill type in the Cost 3 group while the others are in the Hard group. When facing an enemy at close range, he aims for the head while at medium range, he aims for the chest, firing in bursts. At long range, he crouches and fires. When a sniper is spotted, he will strafe to avoid being hit.


Maverick buys the M4A1 with the silencer for a primary weapon and any random pistol as a secondary weapon. If he cannot afford these, he will buy a FAMAS and then a MP5 Navy for a primary weapon. He picks up an AK-47 if discovered.


Maverick has bad teamwork. He will never follow the player's commands, except in the first round and always stays away from teammates. (1% chance to follow the player's command.)


Maverick is a very aggressive bot. He will never retreat even when spotting a large group of enemies. In bomb defusal missions, he likes to find and engage the Terrorists rather than camping at a bombsite. In hostage rescue missions, he prefers to strike the Terrorists and after securing the hostages, he reports the position of the hostages to the player and hunts for the other Terrorists. In easy and normal difficulties, this will be no problem and may be helpful to the player as Maverick is able to relay useful information to the player while in hard and expert difficulties, this will be a big problem as opponents are more skilled and stick together.

Voice Pitch

Maverick's voice pitch is 98 which means his voice pitch is in lower pitch.


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