Csgo Weapon healthshot
Alternate name(s) Health Shot
Usage Healing the user
Entity name weapon_healthshot

The Medi-Shot is a healing item that was released in the February 17, 2016 update for Operation Wildfire.


The Medi-Shot is a healing item that is exclusive to the Co-op Strike. It is an auto-injecting syringe that once used (by pressing the primary fire button), heals the user for 50 health points. The player starts the mission and re-spawns after death with 3 of them and may carry up to a maximum of four. Additional Medi-Shots can be acquired throughout missions, albeit scarcely. Like most weapons, the Medi-Shot can be dropped for teammates. The enemy never makes use of them.


Like Ammunition Stashes, Medi-Shots are often found on wooden tables next to the former item.

Operation Wildfire
Mission Map Number Locations
The Extraction Phoenix Compound 3 Tower, Tents, Ladder
Once More Into The Breach Phoenix Compound 8 Sewer [2], Ladder, Office [3], Tower [2]
The Enemy Of My Enemy... Phoenix Compound 8 Garage, Gravel Pit, Ladder [2], Courtyard, Guard House, Tower [2]
For visual locations, refer to the gallery.


  • Players can drop Medi-Shots for their teammates, should they run low on them be sure to provide them with it, but remember to leave at least two shots for yourself.
  • Players do not drop Medi-Shots on death, even if it was the currently held piece of equipment.
    • Because of this, dying with 4 shots in inventory is a waste, as players re-spawn with the default 3.
  • The Heavy Phoenix being an extremely accurate opponent can dish quite the amount of damage. It is best to save shots for them or sections of the mission that require holding up against a group of infinitely spawning enemies.

Bugs & Exploits

  • After the end of Operation Wildfire, dropping the Medi-Shot causes the message, warning the player they dropped their Knife. Should the player point their cursor at the item, it is called a Knife as well.
  • If the player has no other weapons in his inventory (including the Knife) and has multiple Medi-Shots, the viewmodel of the next Medi-Shot is not displayed until the item is drawn again or used.

Console Commands

  • healthshot_health
    • Default value is 50
    • How much health is restored upon using a Medi-Shot
  • ammo_item_limit_healthshot
    • Default value is 4
    • Maximum number of Medi-Shots that can be carried by a player



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