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  • Say your average Joe wants to play a multiplayer game with his friend on cs_facility. Do you think they would either:
    1. Look for a pretty difficult to find ancient WON copy of Half-Life and install it.
    2. Also look for an old beta of the Counter-Strike mod and install it on top of Half-Life.
    3. Pray to the tech gods that the old WON version of Half-Life will run without a hitch on modern computers.

    Or simply:
    1. Google for the map cs_facility and drop it into their CS1.6 maps folder and play.

    In either case, the fact that the tactical shield isn't present in beta 4.0-beta 5.2 shouldn't be a legit reason to remove that tactic. If someone was to play the map on an actual old beta of Counter-Strike, I'm pretty confident they will realize that they can't utilize the tactical shield strategy. There is also mention of the smoke grenades on that page; they were only introduced in beta 6.5 so that tactic should also be removed by the same logic.

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  • Hi, welcome to Counter-Strike Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Leone 12 Gauge Super page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything! The current active admins are ConTraZ VII and Mroosa. The current active bureaucrats are Irv1n3, TheNeXusCore and Yong feng. And the current active rollback is Wuzh.

    Having a look at our policy before editing to ensure that you remain edit in good qualities.

    Note: This is a automated message.

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