Cz miami large
Deleted Scenes Mission
Previous MissionSandstorm
Setting05:34 HOURS
Rations Bank
Miami, Florida USA
Counter-Terrorist AgencyU.S. Navy SEAL
Miami-Dade SWAT
Terrorist Faction(s)Midwest Militia
OverviewDesperate, heavily armed would-be robbers are pinned down in a prominent Miami bank and are holding the employees at gunpoint inside the fortified building.
Main objectivesSince a direct assault will alert the robbers and endanger the employees, a stealthy approach is the only option.

Miami Heat (cz_miami) is the sixth and last extra mission in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes.

It is also the eighteenth and the last mission in the whole storyline, is the fifth U.S Navy SEAL mission, and the third appearance of the Midwest Militia.


Instead of a typical counter-terrorist operation, the player now assists the Miami SWAT team to eliminate a group of robbers holed up in a bank. Much like Building Recon, the action does not come until later - or in this case, hardly at all, as the SWAT team easily takes out the whole Terrorist group with or without your help. Most of the level consists of recognizing the robber's patrol patterns by using the fiber optic camera, then leading out the hostages in between patrols.


  1. Proceed to the drainage entrance.
  2. Gain entry into the bank through drainage tunnels.
  3. Rescue all hostages in office areas (Escort hostages to computer room).
  4. Rescue hostage in manager's office and retrieve keycard for vault.
  5. Rescue hostage being held in bank vault.
  6. Eliminate robber holding hostage in vault.
  7. Proceed to lobby area undetected and use radio to relay tactical info.
  8. Keep hostages safe.
  9. Neutralize robber.



SWAt miami

The Counter-Terrorist faction in this mission is the Miami-Dade SWAT team and the Navy SEALs. In the intro, a SWAT member informs the player that the terrorists secured all entrances, and a quick assault will jeopardize (kill) the hostages. As a result, the player must go through the city sewers and meet with the rest of the assault element.


The Terrorist faction in the mission are the Midwest Militia. These members are desperate as they threatened to kill a hostage if their demands are not met in 2 hours.



The player begins with the following weapons and equipment:


  • 5
  • 5
  • 1

Midwest Militia

Boss (1)
M60 1
Arctic urban2 ak47 (1)
  • 1
  • 1
Guerilla standard xm1014 (1)
  • 1
Militia standard xm1014 (1)
  • 1
  • 1
Terror standard xm1014 (1)
Leet standard xm1014 (1)
Low (1)
  • 1
  • 1


  • Shooting/Killing any Terrorist (excluding the Terrorist in the vault) before the assault happens will fail the mission even if a silencer or the knife is used.
  • If the player enters the vent that leads to the lobby before the hostage in the vault is rescued, the mission will fail as the player is spotted even though no Terrorist is present from below.


  • The mission's name is a nod to Miami's professional basketball team, the Miami Heat.
  • The mission's map was based on the Counter-Strike (Xbox) exclusive map, Miami.
  • A jack-in-the-box with a clown named "Rich" can be found in a closet. Ritual Entertainment's logo can be seen wrapped around the box.
  • This mission consists of two maps.
  • The hostages must be saved one at a time, because a Terrorist will be guarding the hostages until the closest one has been rescued. However, if the player tries to extract two hostages at the same time, one of the hostages will be rescued, while the other one will get stuck, forcing a mission restart.
  • A bug can occur if the player is standing at the door near the manager's office inside the break area. When spotting the player, the Terrorist will not yell, but will instead begin chasing the player. The only way to prevent the Terrorist from chasing the player is to load the game again, run away, or use the command notarget.
    • If the Terrorist chases the player and fires a shot, it will trigger a mission failure.
    • The mission will also fail if the players or NPCs (accidentally) shoot at the injured hostage.
    • If the player also attacking the injured hostage at the end of mission, one can notice the appearance of chicken gibs.
    • Also, if the US Navy Seal or SWAT operative armed with SMGs or shotguns, or the hostages are killed, the mission will also fail.
    • Also, during the final fight, if the three officers die in the end, the mission will not automatically fail, as the player still has time to engage the total of six bank robbers who are holding the hostage.
  • While rescuing the hostage in the vault, opening the vault without killing the Terrorist inside will result in a mission failure. The player must use the vent above the lockers and kill the Terrorist who is holding the hostage. Killing him while inside the vent will not raise the alarm as the vault itself is sound-proof.
  • After the player radios in for the assault to begin, one of the SWAT members is seen with a MAC-10. It also seems that he has higher health than the rest of his squad and he is also the only operative that refuses to follow the player when interacted with.
  • This is the only mission where the player needs to open a normal door with the "USE" key.
  • There is one Terrorist who wears an urban uniform while the others wear standard uniforms.
  • A SWAT operative with a standard helmet and SWAT uniform can be seen in this mission.