It begins with a SWAT Officer talking this situation. Robbers sealed all the entrances and a direct assault kill all the hostages. Two robbers hold an officer hostage while talking of the route ahead. They kill the operative and saying that if their demands are not met in 2 hours, another hostage will die. The SWAT team must act quick.


In the sewers, the player must go through areas. First, to a power switch must be disabled to access the control wheel to lower the steam. After the wheel, the player must go to another control wheel to raise the water level to go to the next area. They meet up with the rest of the rescue team and the player is given new orders, assess the situation inside, rescue the hostages and bring them back to the rescue point.

Rescue Action

After that, another order is given, radio for support, the player must be careful not to shoot blindly, an injury to a hostage will end the mission. After all threats are down, the player must take down the boss who is wielding an M60, the player manages to kill the boss and mission success.

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