De mist
Creator(s) Invalid nick
Game(s) Game icon 730 (Csgo-breakout-icon-small)
Scenario Bomb defusal
Terrorists Phoenix Connexion
Counter-Terrorists SEAL Team 6
Workshop Mist

Vertical combat in close quarters on a rainy night on this mountaintop Radar Station.
―Map Description[1]

Mist (de_mist) is a community created Bomb defusal map designed by Invalid nick and featured as part of Operation Breakout in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.



The map takes place on a mountaintop radar station on a rainy night.

Update History

July 1, 2014
August 1, 2014
  • Improved clipping, removed possibility to boost at various locations (where it was not intended)
  • Added clip in windows
  • Deleted bad DM-spawn (in Underpass)
  • Players should now properly die when jumping from the Sniper tower
  • Increased the width of B-site door coming from ShortStairs
  • Made skill-jump at Catwalk easier (still hard)
  • Removed pipes sticking up at Side (looked like a player head from a far)
  • Added possibility to jump from blue container at Stairs (avoid peeking CT from Outside when rushing Underpass)
  • Removed strong light at Stairs to make peeking to Outside less dangerous
  • Changed red-navigation decals to orange (easier to see)
  • Raised generator at CT-side Catwalk to allow easier movement when jumping down from middle
  • Removed railing/yellow poles at Front (allowing easier movement for T at the start of each round)
  • Slight optimization of items in the skybox
  • Updated hints around T-spawn/Front
  • Very careful removal of items in the player area
  • Removed unusable doors (that was placed around the level)
  • Removed barrel under Backway stairs (there is no way anyone could have placed it there)
  • Updated text on the Restricted sign (German and Finnish – Finnish soldiers are now greeted welcome)
  • Removed col from fence at Sniper tower
  • Lowered the sound intensity for rumbling rain at B-site
September 10, 2014
  • Various bug fixes.


  1. CS:GO - Operation Breakout