Alternate name(s) FireBomb
Molotov Cocktail
Price $400
Usage Incinerating enemies
Blocking passage
Expelling snipers or campers
Used by Terrorist
Movement Speed
(units per second)
Hotkey b-6-1
Entity name weapon_molotov

The Molotov is a powerful and unpredictable area denial weapon that bursts into flames when thrown on the ground, injuring any player in its radius.
―Official description

The Molotov Cocktail, known simply as Molotov in Global Offensive, is a thrown explosive featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, exclusive to the Terrorists. The counterpart for Counter-Terrorists is the Incendiary Grenade.


Molotov Cocktails are a type of homemade incendiary weapon invented by Finns in World War II; its name being an insulting reference to former Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov. Molotov cocktails are typically composed of a glass alcohol bottle, alcohol, or gasoline inside the bottle itself, and a lit rag for the ignition source of flammable liquid. It functions when it is shattered on a surface, releasing the contents within, and the lit rag would create flames upon contact with the liquid.

In-game, the Molotov is a T-exclusive grenade, and the most expensive T grenade at $400. It is useful both as a defensive and offensive tool. Defensively, the flames are excellent at temporarily preventing enemies from advancing to an important area (such as a bombsite, important pathways, or the hostages), or preventing enemies from rushing the player with close-ranged weaponry. Offensively, the flames can be thrown into a defensive position that an enemy is hiding in, trapping the enemy in flames, forcing them to come out or take damage.

When thrown, the bottle would shatter upon hitting a walkable surface that is 30 degrees or smaller from horizontal[1], spreading the flammable liquid around and creating an area of flames capable of burning anybody that is in it. The bottle will not shatter and will bounce off all other surfaces. Flying for too long will cause the Molotov to explode midair, releasing nothing and damaging nobody.

The flame deals a consistent 40 damage per second to those in contact (including the user, their teammates, and hostages), and also slows down players in them.[2] The fire disappears after 7 seconds. Multiple flames overlapping each other will stack the damage.[3]

The flames can be extinguished by a Smoke Grenade, and the flames will not deploy inside smoke.

The Molotov has a larger size when compared to the Incendiary Grenade, making it harder to fly through smaller gaps.[3]



  • Note that tactics with the molotov are generally similar to the Incendiary Grenade.
  • Use the Molotov Cocktail to damage and separate enemy teams. If done properly, eliminate damaged targets easily as the flames can prevent backup from the opposing team.
  • If being chased by multiple enemies, throw a Molotov at the ground (especially narrow corridors or a one way path) to prevent enemies from closing in.
  • This weapon is perfect for ambushing the enemy. If possible, try to throw the Molotov at the enemy's predicted path, allowing for the fire to quickly spread and gain an advantage over the enemy. The Molotov can become the force multiplier if the enemy team is close to one other, where it's possible to hurt multiple opponents.
    • Timing is quite crucial for the Molotov because the fire will only last for 7 seconds. Make sure to use it only when enemy players are approaching the target area.
    • Much like the incendiary grenade, the Molotov can also be used to counter ambushes.
    • If the player suspects campers nearby, use the fire and its spread to flush the enemy out.
    • It is sometimes more effective than HE grenades because the enemy will take a considerable amount of damage if it is used to trap the enemy.
  • The C4 is unaffected by the fire, so a Molotov can be used to prevent the bomb's defusal when time is running out.
    • Beware of enemy smoke grenades can extinguish the fire, although it can be considered a positive, as it might force the use of a smoke grenade that might otherwise block defensive line-of-sight.
  • Be careful when covering a hostage rescue zone with flames. If a CT carrying a hostage is killed and a Molotov is thrown too close to the dropped hostage, he will take serious damage, causing severe economic penalties or receiving a kick/ban from a server if the offense is repeated.


  • Wait for the fire to go out, taking cover if needed.
  • Throw a Smoke Grenade to extinguish the fire the Molotov creates.
    • This can also allow a Counter-Terrorist to extinguish the fire next to a planted bomb and defuse it successfully, if there are no Terrorists around to guard the bomb.
    • In hostage rescue scenarios, this tactic can be used for hostage rescue zones.
  • Find higher ground to pick off enemies using the flames to get into position.


Main article: Revolution

Flames Of The Phoenix  (603)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Deal 200 burn damage to enemies in Casual: Active Duty matches.

200 XP
Bonus: +1 XP per 2 damage-when the map is Train.

Brief Audio
“Fire is the weapon of the revolution. Like us, fire breathes. Like us, fire spreads. Yes it takes lives, but without fire we would sit in darkness and die in the cold. Do not be afraid of fire… master it.”
Valeria Jenner
Csgo-op bloodhound valeria flames

Main article: Wildfire

Fanning The Flames  (701)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Deal 10 burn damage in Casual: Op. Wildfire Group matches.

200 XP

Brief Audio
Operation Bloodhound was a success. Turner is dead, and the Phoenix are still recovering from their loss. Now is the time to put on the pressure… to hit multiple Phoenix operations at once… to spread like wildfire. My name is Major Felix Riley, and together we're going to stop Valeria.”
Felix Riley
Op07 701

Who Likes Fire?  (721)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Deal 50 burn damage in Casual: Op. Wildfire Group matches.

400 XP

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BURN IT ALL!  (916)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Guardian Co-op Challenge: Play as a Counter-Terrorist with a partner and protect the bombsite from enemies on Shipped.

Score a win by getting 5 enemy kills with fire.

Note: Players spawn with the P250.


525 XP

Brief Audio
“So it says here that we want the cargo intact… looks like frags are out, but since shipping containers don't really catch fire I'd say incendiary grenades are fair game.”
Rona Sabri
Csgo hydra mission intro 916


Weapon Specialist
Flame Expert csgo Flame Expert
Kill 100 enemies with the Molotov or Incendiary grenade.

Behind The Scenes


  • The Molotov and Incendiary Grenade are both very similar to the CS Grenade (a gas grenade cut from the original Counter-Strike) as area denial gadgets.
  • This weapon re-used the sounds from the Left 4 Dead 2 Molotov.
  • When directly standing on the fire of the incendiary grenade/Molotov cocktail, the player's screen becomes slightly darkened by the smoke.
  • Originally, the view model of the Molotov cocktail featured the lighter being lit at all times. In an update, this has been removed.
  • The cloth inside the bottle is a jigglebone moving with the player.
  • The Molotov was also seen in the trailer, of which the last Terrorist throws to halt the progression of the remaining GSG-9 force.


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