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Mouse Hole
Mouse Hole
Creator(s) NEXON Corporation
Chris Spain (original Rats author)
Game(s) Csn z
Scenario Bomb defusal

Rats is a community bomb defusal map in Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before it is reintroduced officially in Counter-Strike Online and Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies under the name Mouse Hole.


It is set in a kitchen, where players are extremely small compared to the environment, as if they were mice.

This is an annihilation map, where there is no bombsite.

Official description


de_rats - Bomb/Defuse based based on on Chris Spain's map de_rats

Counter-Terrorists: Hop into the sink and have someone press that button. Enjoy!

Terrorists: Bomb the sink. And don't try to get that AWPin the chees you little hungry creeps.

(Press FIRE to continue)

Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies

Rats - Annihilation

  • Planning/Production: NEXON
  • Texture/Revision: NEXON

The Rex Virus apparently has many adverse effects. One of them is body size reduction. Countless people, infected by the virus, carry on without realizing that their bodies have become smaller. A battle in a residential area between the infected has moved into the house as the reduction of their body size left them with nowhere to hide.


Before Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies

Rats! is a fan made Half-Life deathmatch map created by Chris Spain[1] in 1999. It has multiple versions and sequels and was ported unofficially to Counter-Strike as a bomb defusal map. On his website, the author states:

If you're looking for the old Counter-Strike versions of Rats and Rats2, you won't find them here. They were produced by someone else adding CS-specific entities to ripped versions of the original maps without my knowledge. As the process of ripping maps introduces errors to their structure, and as I had no say in the placing of the CS entities, I do not feel that these maps are representative of my work.

This map was also re-created for Counter-Strike: Source[2] and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[3].

Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies

Rats loading

Loading screen where Mouse Hole is named as "Rats".

CSN:Z officially includes Rats in its release for various game modes. The map was renamed to Mouse Hole, although still being called Rats in some occasions, and was completely re-textured. Some areas were altered, such as the elevator in the fridge being replaced by a ladder, and the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist spawns were switched (Terrorists used to spawn in the closet and Counter-Terrorists in the fridge).

A closet above the cooker was added. It seems to be inspired from de_rats_1337, created by [SKR8]Gunslinger, although it is not accessible.


Main article: Mouse Hole/Gallery


Mouse Hole window

The window in Mouse Hole.

  • Outside the window (next to the sink), there is a billboard which references the following real-life companies: HBO, MTV, ESPN and CNN.
    • These signs can also be seen in the Trap chapter in Zombie Scenario mode.
  • The water in the sink has health kits. However, there is also a switch near it which activates an underwater blade that kills any swimming player.
  • Even though translated as "Mouse Hole", the loading background still shows "Rats" instead. It is a direct translation from the Korean language.


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  3. Various Rats maps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at Steam Workshop

External links

  • the website of the original creator of Rats. Information about the maps can be found at the "Rats! DM maps" section.

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