Mr. Yoshida
Function(s) / Belongings
Occupation Japanese politican
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blackish-gray
Eye color Brown (with glasses)
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Japan Government

Mr. Yoshida is an official looking to revitalize a region in Tokyo, Japan. He appears in the Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes mission Hankagai as a VIP.

Physical description

Mr. Yoshida is a medium sized man, probably in his early 30's/mid 40's. He has very little blackish-gray hair, which is on the back of his head, with brown eyes. He is wearing a gray suit over a white shirt with a blue tie, that appears to have dogs on it, and black dress shoes. He also has black circular glasses.


Mr. Yoshida is a Japanese politician that appears to operate in Tokyo. He is looking to revitalize a corrupt region of Tokyo.

While on the site of his urban renewal project looking for things to improve, he is greeted by some of the local terrorists who begin an attack on the city. After escaping several assassination attempts with the help of the player, he eliminated the need to worry about terrorists anymore.

While the player only killed some of the terrorists in the region, the terrorist organization probably fell apart when their gang leader was killed. If that is true, the urban renewal project does not need to be executed.


He only appears in the mission Hankagai. He is seen in the beginning hugging and talking to people, while you and a group of other Japanese Kidotai are looking for terrorists that could assassinate him. After the terrorists begin their assault, Mr. Yoshida runs into a shop and while an operative guards him, the player chases after the gang leader. After his survival at the first part of the mission, the player won't need to worry about his safety anymore.

It is assumed that Mr. Yoshida probably left and reached a much safer spot.


  • If the player noclips to the point where Mr. Yoshida arrives, there are 2 copies of him. One is used to greet the citizens before the initial firefight occurs. After this event is complete, he runs to the entrance and disappears for the second version to start running on the balcony.

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