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Kitheory 01
Author(s) Ki:Theory
Date Added September 24, 2015
Tracks 11
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Recording artist and DOTA TI4 performer, Ki:Theory drops BOMBS with this searing set of razor edge dark electronic rock.
―Official Description


Event Preview
Main menu theme
Csgo-music-kit-kitheory 01-mainmenu
Bomb planted
Csgo-music-kit-kitheory 01-bombplanted
10 seconds remaining on the bomb timer
Csgo-music-kit-kitheory 01-bombtenseccount
Choose team
Csgo-music-kit-kitheory 01-chooseteam
Csgo-music-kit-kitheory 01-deathcam
Round loss
Csgo-music-kit-kitheory 01-lostround
Round MVP anthem
Csgo-music-kit-kitheory 01-roundmvpanthem 01
10 seconds left in round
Csgo-music-kit-kitheory 01-roundtenseccount
Round start action
Csgo-music-kit-kitheory 01-startaction 01
Round start
Csgo-music-kit-kitheory 01-startround 01
Round Won
Csgo-music-kit-kitheory 01-wonround

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