Neckdeep 01
Author(s) Neckdeep
Date Added November 28, 2016
Tracks 16
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Sometimes you just need some Pop Punk to get you through the day. Whether it is dealing with campers or losing a massive kill streak, Neck Deep is here to prove that Life's Not Out To Get You, but the other team still is.

Life's Not Out To Get You by Neck Deep is a custom Music Kit available in Global Offensive as part of the November 28, 2016 update.


Event Preview
Main menu theme File:Csgo-music-kit-Neckdeep 01-mainmenu.ogg
Bomb planted File:Csgo-music-kit-Neckdeep 01-bombplanted.ogg
10 seconds remaining on the bomb timer File:Csgo-music-kit-Neckdeep 01-bombtenseccount.ogg
Choose team File:Csgo-music-kit-Neckdeep 01-chooseteam.ogg
Deathcam File:Csgo-music-kit-Neckdeep 01-deathcam.ogg
Round loss File:Csgo-music-kit-Neckdeep 01-lostround.ogg
Round MVP anthem File:Csgo-music-Neckdeep 01-roundmvpanthem 01.ogg
10 seconds left in round File:Csgo-music-kit-Neckdeep 01-roundtenseccount.ogg
Round start (var. 1) File:Csgo-music-kit-Neckdeep 01-startround 01.ogg
Round start (var. 2) File:Csgo-music-kit-Neckdeep 01-startround 02.ogg
Round start (var. 3) File:Csgo-music-kit-Neckdeep 01-startround 03.ogg
Round Won File:Csgo-music-kit-Neckdeep 01-wonround.ogg


  • References to music Kit was added to sounds manifests files in October 13, 2016 update, before official release.

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