Name Tag
Base Grade Tag
This item will rename a weapon. A custom engraved nameplate will be applied to the weapon and viewable in game.
Basic Information
Released: August 29, 2013 Update
Availability: In-game Store, Steam Market
Tradable: Yes
Marketable: Yes

The Name Tag or just Weapon Name tag, is a single-use inventory item introduced to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on August 29, 2013 update.


A Name Tag permits a player to rename one weapon skin they currently own (including stock weapons) for $1.99 (USD)/1,75€ (EUR)/£1.35 (GBP) , allowing the name to be displayed with "quotes" around them in the kill cam, buy menu, and inventory and do not have to be unique.

A weapon's name's character limit is 20 and these characters can be used in the name:

A-Z, a-z, 0-9, `!@#$%^&*-+=(){}[]/\,.?:;'_ 

Note: Although spaces are allowed in the name, a name cannot start with a space. In addition, names with profanity are not allowed.

"|" character can be used to simulate "fake" skins names eg. "AK47 | [custom name]".

The weapon skin can be renamed again with another Name Tag. Applied Name Tags cannot be transferred between weapons.

Names Tags are maintained through trades and market sales, so they are not automatically removed from a weapon skin when the skin is traded.

The name on a weapon skin can be permanently removed at no cost using "Rename" option in the menu and selecting the "Remove Name?" option. The Name tag will NOT be returned.

When viewed in the weapon inventory through Steam, weapons applied with a name tag are marked with a red exclamation mark on the top left of the weapon icon.

Renaming a StatTrak™ weapon skin will not clear its StatTrak™ stats.



  • The Name Tag supports the use of localizations tokens. If the player renames a weapon to "#SFUIHUD_hostageid", the weapon name will display "Hostage %s" in the player's currently used language, with "Hostage" colored in the color specified in the localization file.[1]
    • When renaming, the player can use only localization tokens that are under 20 characters in length.[2]


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