Nick Coombe
Nick Coombe
Nationality Uk flag British
Title Level designer
Texture artist
Aliases ■ Crinity

Nick Coombe is the creator of a few Counter-Strike maps and is most known for the map Torn. He is the older brother of Matt Coombe.[1]


Nick Coombe, originally from the United Kingdom but having moved to Canada in 1995, got started in level design in summer 1999 after being blown away by the single-player campaign in Half-Life.[1][2] His first project in Worldcraft (which has since become Valve Hammer Editor) was designing a summer cottage that his parents were planning on building.[1]

Nick eventually decided to start working on a single-player modification for Half-Life called Crinity (from where he would later take his nickname) which he also built a website for. This website was eventually expanded to provide various mapping assets for the Half-Life engine.[2] While he never finished this modification, he would produce numerous other maps for Half-Life before his initial foray into Counter-Strike mapping in April 2000.[3][4]

His initial attempt at designing a map for Counter-Strike was a hostage rescue map called Takeover, which centered around a disused military academy complex.[3][5] It was a relatively big map that had three main routes for players to take.[5] However, Nick decided to scrap this map before it was finished.[6]

In late 2000,[6] Nick's brother Matt Coombe approached him about an idea he had regarding a map for Counter-Strike. Matt worked on the map alone for a few days, until the brothers decided to turn the map into a joint effort.[7] This map was mostly finished by June 2001 and would eventually become Torn,[7] which was officially released as part of Counter-Strike in version 1.3.

When Gearbox Software took over the development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, they decided to recruit several mappers from the community to help out in the design of new maps for the game.[8] Thus, in July 2001 Nick started working at Gearbox and would contribute a total of 2 maps for their version of the game, one of which he designed jointly with his brother (Rooftops).[9][10] The Coombe brothers would only stay for a few months, accepting work at a more local company, 3DNA, in November 2001.[10][11]

Despite the hectic development of Condition Zero, one of his maps would eventually get released as Downed in the final version of the game.[12]

Nick Coombe would eventually return to the games industry together with his brother when they founded the company Get Set Games together with a few friends in 2009.[13] Nick has been working there since, with the focus being on the creation of mobile games.[10][14]

List of maps

Official maps

Map name Game(s) Responsibilities Year
Downed Cscz t
Csx t (cut)
Level designer 2001
Rooftops Cscz t (cut) Level co-designer 2001
Torn Cs t Cscz t
Csx t (cut)
Level co-designer 2001


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