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Night vision goggles
Alternate name(s) NVG
Price $1250
Usage Improving vision in darkness

Nightvision goggles are a pair of equipment that enable the player to see in complete darkness. As of yet, they have appeared in all of the Counter-Strike games, besides the newest game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Counter-Strike, Condition Zero and SourceEdit

They allow the user to see in total darkness, lighting everything up in green. Taking NVG on and off makes a distinct sound that your enemies can hear. In normal (bright) light, the goggles can make things difficult to see.

This item is widely regarded as useless on many official maps (and almost any other map) because those maps do not have areas dark enough that require NVGs. Due to this, many players avoid purchasing this equipment (unless they are attempting to earn the Dead of Night Achievement in Counter-Strike: Source).

The default button for activating and deactivating the night vision goggles is N.

Deleted ScenesEdit

In Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes, nightvision goggles cannot be bought. The player can get this equipment in certain missions. The default key to turn on is F. It is helpful not only in dark areas, but also in stealth situations. 

The missions in which the player receives the nightvision goggles are:



  • Allows its user to see in total darkness, and can make it easier to see enemies in low light conditions.
  • Can be used to see in darker corners in bright maps, although doing so makes the lighter areas impossible to see.
  • Unlike the flashlight, using the Nightvision goggles will not alert enemies (although you should activate it before entering darkened areas). 


  • Very expensive
  • Noisy when activated or deactivated
  • Can reduce performance due to extra graphical load
  • Needs to be switched off in bright areas


Counter-Strike: SourceEdit


Icon Name Description
Dead Of Night Dead of Night Do 5,000 damage with nightvision active


  • Night vision goggles were added in Beta 2.0, later removed, and then re-added in Beta 6.0.
  • The sound of the activation of the night vision goggles was reused in Team Fortress 2 when the player has the Ze Goggles hat and moves it around in their backpack.
  • The effect of the night vision goggles is different in Deleted Scenes.
  • The player may need the Nightvision goggles more in Deleted Scenes since some places in game are hard to see without one.
  • Bot players can see each other clearly in dark areas all the time. Therefore, they never purchase this equipment.
  • In Deleted Scenes, if the player uses the console command "impulse 101", player will obtain the googles but without the HUD icon.
  • Possibly due to a lack of popularity and need for this equipment, the Night Vision Goggles do not reappear in Global Offensive. It is also worth mentioning all official maps in CS:GO are well lit thus eliminating the need for nightvision goggles.
  • Unlike most equipment, there is no world or player model for the Nightvision goggles. This makes obtaining the NVG from dead players impossible and players with this equipment do not look any different from players without the NVG.


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