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Operation Bravo
« Operation Payback Operation Phoenix »
Release date September 19, 2013
Completion date February 5, 2014
Maps Agency Icon hostage, Ali Icon c4, Cache Icon c4, Chinatown Icon c4, Gwalior Icon c4, Ruins Icon c4, Siege Icon hostage, Seaside Icon c4
Winter Offensive:
Cobblestone Icon c4, Overpass Icon c4
Weapon Case Operation Bravo Case
Weapon Collections Alpha
Source Operation Bravo Page


Operation Bravo pass

Operation Bravo was the second Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Operation, following Operation Payback. The operation was launched on September 19th, 2013, and was scheduled to last until January 20th, 2014. However, it was extended to February 5th, 2014 due to its popularity.


Operation Bravo featured a playlist of 7 new maps (and one returning from Operation Payback) from the Steam Workshop. Unlike Operation Payback, these maps were playable for casual, competitive, and Deathmatch scenarios.

A new addition to this operation included "Operation weapon finishes". There are two new weapon collections: The Alpha Collection available exclusively as individual all-map weapon drops to Bravo pass-holders, and the Bravo Collection available to everybody as part of the Bravo weapon case, also available through timed all-map drops. (Pass-buyers were able to get Bravo case drops in addition to regular drops)

The Winter Offensive Update updates the Operation with two more maps.


Hostage rescue

Bomb Defusal

* Added to the operation as part of the Winter Offensive Update and later became official maps

Operation Bravo Coin


Operation Bravo coins

Main article: Operation Coin

Badge Progress


  • The title image for Operation Bravo shows the AK-47 Fire Serpent and Nova Tempest from the Bravo Collection within the featured Agency map.
    • Although the weapons displayed are from the Operation Bravo Case, the case pictured is a standard unmarked weapons case.
  • The title image for Winter Offensive Update shows the P250 Mehndi and the Five-SeveN Kami from the Winter Offensive collection wielded by GIGN on the featured map Overpass.
    • Even though the title image features GIGN on Overpass, GSG-9 are the official Counter-Terrorists on the map.
  • The Alpha Collection is listed as set_bravo_ii in the in-game files.
  • Although very rare, it is confirmed that there is a small percentage chance of Operation Bravo cases to still drop in-game.

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