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Cs penal cz1
Riot in Cell Block 9
Game(s) Csx t (cut) Cscz t (cut)
Scenario Hostage rescue

Riot in Cell Block 9 (cs_penal) was a cut hostage rescue map from Counter-Strike (Xbox) and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Based on the structure of Penal, it appears that the Terrorists seized control of a jailhouse with hostages and the Counter-Terrorists were sent to restore order and eliminate resistance.

Official DescriptionEdit

Counter-Terrorists: Infiltrate the compound and rescue the hostages from the convicts.

Terrorists: Prevent the Counter-Terrorists from rescuing the Hostages or eliminate the Counter-Terrorists.


Penal, also known as Riot in Cell Block 9, was created by Ritual Entertainment. It is unknown if this map has made any media appearances, as it was cut from the Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, while Ritual Entertainment was still developing the game.


  • A version of the map has been leaked and is available for download. Notably it has been compiled for the Xbox version of the game and due to slight differences in the lightning system, it will appear darker than supposed to be when played on the PC version.
  • Penal may have been inspired by Prison, another cut map.

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