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Pipe Dream
Cz pipedream large
Deleted Scenes Mission
Previous MissionRun!
Next MissionSandstorm
Setting14:00 HOURS,
Bukhoro Pipeline Station,
Bukhoro, Turkmenistan.
Counter-Terrorist AgencyRussian Spetsnaz
OverviewRebels have taken control of an important oil pipeline and its main pumping station. Workers in this complex have been taken hostage as well.
Main objectivesEliminate any opposition.
Free the captive workers.

Pipe Dream is the fourth extra mission in the Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes storyline. It is the third Russian Spetsnaz mission and the third appearance of the Elite Crew.


Rebels have taken control of an important oil pipeline and its main pumping station. Workers in this complex have been taken hostages. The player must eliminate all of the terrorists and free the hostages.


  1. Infiltrate facility.
  2. Locate Hostages.
  3. Lead hostages to rescue zone.


See: Pipe Dream/Transcript

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

Starting loadoutEdit

Icon Weapon Ammo/Amount
Ak47hud cz AK-47 30 / 90 Hud 7.62 cz
Glock18hud cz Glock 18 20 / 120 9mm ds
W knife ds Combat Knife
W kevlar ds Kevlar Vest
W rcbomb RC Bomb 5
W radio ds Radio


Icon Weapon Ammo/Amount Where to Found
Sg552hud cz SIG SG 552 30 / 90 Hud 5.56 cz


  • Counter-Terrorist - Spetsnaz with desert uniform.
  • Terrorist - Elite Crew with desert uniform.



  • Four music songs have been composed for this mission.
  • Although this mission is set in Uzbekistan (erroneously named Turkmenistan), a poster of the Taj Mahal (located in India) can be seen in this map.
  • It is the only mission that has Terrorist exclusive weapons as a starting loadout. This was probably meant to reflect the Russian Spetsnaz as a Counter-Terrorist faction as they use AK-47 assault rifles.
    • Despite receiving a Glock-18 at the start of the mission, additional 9mm ammo cannot be found in this mission. This is probably a developer oversight.
  • The Spetsnaz at the beginning cannot be saved, even if they were not hit by bullets. It scripted for them to die.
    • However, if the player uses the "USE" key on any of the members while they are calling the Helicopter support, the game will crash.       
  • If a Spetsnaz operative that is armed with the USP is killed, the mission will fail. However, because of a script, the operative will not die until he finishes checking a control panel. Another strange observation is if he is killed, the game will read that the failure reason was because the bomb was not defused instead of a deceased operative.

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