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Poolday csgo
Pool Day
Creator(s) Squall (Original author)
leplubodeslapin Game icon 730
Game(s) Csgo-payback-icon-small(Cut)
Scenario Bomb defusal
Terrorists Elite Crew
Counter-Terrorists FBI

Pool Day (fy_pool_day) is a community map first made for Counter-Strike that was planned to be featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Operation Payback, however it was cut.

Despite being a custom map, original Counter-Strike version was very popular on community servers because of fast and fun gameplay, and short rounds.


Pool Day is a small symmetrical bomb defusal map originally created for Counter-Strike by Squall. Weapons were scattered over the floor of the both spawns. At the bottom of the pool in the middle are multiple HE grenades. It was ported to Counter-Strike: Source and Global Offensive by various authors.