Medkit 1
Alternate name(s) Medical kit
Usage Restoring health points
Entity name weapon_medkit

The portable medkit, or simply Medkit, is a cut piece of equipment from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes.


  • As its name indicates, its main purpose was to heal a specific target. It could be carried in the player's inventory and used anytime.
  • It is unknown if this item was also meant to heal allies and/or the player himself.
  • It is also not understood if the item could be used multiple times or only once.


  • The item can still be spawned (only if pre-cached during map conception) as it coded. Once acquired by the player, the item cannot be used and no additional portable medkits can be picked up. 
  • Its worldmodel is the legacy Medkit's, as seen in Half-Life and its expansions.
  • It can be wielded in-game and supposedly shares all of its HUD icons with the C4 as evidenced by its sprite text script.
  • When precached, the console will display errors as to being unable to play its sound files. This error is similar to the Syringe gun's.


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