Cs prison
Prison Playground
Creator(s) Patrik Opacic
Game(s) Beta
Scenario Hostage rescue
First appearance BETA 1.0
Last appearance BETA 1.2

Prison Playground (cs_prison) was an official Hostage rescue map featured in the Counter-Strike beta.


The Prison was created by Patrik "PKing" Opacic. It has only made an appearance in Beta 1.0 and is one of the maps that had the shortest life span.

Among the community, this map was voted as the worst Counter-Strike map ever. Frustrating map design, horrible level flow, confusing layout, and blurry textures were the main reasons why this map was removed. Another big problem with the map is that the area where the hostages are located has buggy doors that the terrorists can shoot through if they push up against one of them, making it nearly impossible for CT to win.


  • The entity data of the map includes the full name of the map which is Prison Playground.
  • It is unknown if the hostages in Prison were originally prisoners themselves.
  • There is a M40A1 sniper rifle and M2 Browning stationed at the outside of the map. Although it can gib players, the scope of the sniper rifle cannot be used. Strangely, killing a hostage with this method will not gib him.
    • The sniper rifle is actually a modified M2 Browning, with slower rate of fire, higher damage, and different model. This is the reason why the sniper's scope cannot be used.
  • Since the map was cut, there is no Hostage rescue zone found on this map. However, the Buy zone can be "used" as a rescue zone but most of the zone is on the tower which requires to climb up and it is impossible to rescue the hostages unless playing in Condition Zero as hostages cannot climb. Furthermore, it is hard to climb down the ladder without taking damage because the ladder is too big and requires caution.
    • To escort the hostages via the yard, it requires 2 human players as there is a lever and it will close after 2 seconds, which is impossible for all hostages to go through. Moreover, another gate requires a human player as that gate will close once the lever is released and it is impossible for a player to do two different tasks at once.
    • A player can escort the hostages by bringing them to the shower room and then the backyard. However, that route may be guarded by a Terrorist with the M2 Browning.
    • It is possible that the truck at the entrance was supposed to be used as a rescue zone. However, the truck cannot be used as there is no road.
  • In the ducts, there is an Easter egg that reads "Patrick Opacic was here".
  • The sky reuses the Xen background of Half-Life.