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T prof
Team Terrorists
Origin Usa flag United States
Voiced By Garfield Maitland

Money! We got it, baby!

The Professional is a Terrorist faction featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Official Description

The Professionals are high-tech, well-equipped thieves with no political or religious agenda.

"Backed by an unknown but well-financed organization, the professionals are seasoned private mercenaries that won't hesitate to gun down any opposition - for a price."


According to their appearance, this faction is based on bank robbers with "classy" outfit including waistcoat, grey/black pants, with bags on their back or the C4 bomb respectively, and dark sunglasses.

They have a somewhat New York-sounding accent. Often times, they call their enemies "cops", specifically the SWAT team.

Their hand model features plain white suit sleeves with leather gloves.



  • The outfit and role of the Professionals may have been inspired by the movies Heat, Reservoir Dogs, and other related gangster and robbery films.
  • The Professionals are one of the two Terrorist groups that have quotes for planting the bomb on bombsite C. The other group being the Separatists.
  • The Professionals were actually supposed to appear on Lake rather than the Phoenix Connexion according to the in-game files.
  • The Professionals were added in the August 10th 2012 update.
  • Every professional has a tattoo, on the neck, wrist or behind the ear. One known kind of tattoo is a spider.
  • The default gloves used by the Professional is identical to the default gloves of the Phoenix Connexion, the Balkan, and the Separatist.

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