De quarry 01
Creator(s) Christopher Auty
Game(s) Cscz t (cut)
Scenario Bomb defusal

Quarry (de_quarry) is a cut bomb defusal map that was supposed to be released with Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Quarry, unsurprisingly, takes place in a quarry operation where the goal of the Terrorists is to disrupt the operations within.

Official Description

Counter-Terrorists: Prevent the tree huggers from destroying the machinery.

Terrorists: It is your duty to strike a crushing blow to the capitalist forest destroying quarry operation!
Infiltrate the facility and destroy their digging equipment. Save the forest creatures!


The map was designed by Chris "narby" Auty. Unlike Stadium and Trailerpark which he had designed when working contractually for Gearbox Software, Quarry was designed after the development of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero had been handed over to Ritual Entertainment. Since the map was developed off-contract, essentially as a custom map, he announced the map on his website on March 3, 2003. The map initially looked very different, using a darker light setting as it was set during the night. Auty received help in textures and modeling from Iikka Keränen, John "PickItUp" Morello and Jacob Jungels.[1] The map was being tested for inclusion in Condition Zero during Q3 of 2003.

Despite not being included in Condition Zero, Auty eventually resumed designing the map and did some major changes to the general look going for a much brighter look than in the version he had showcased in 2003. This map was eventually released as a custom map on May 22, 2004. Just one day later, on May 23, he released an update which ended up being the final release of the map.[2]


  • The 2003 version of the map has been leaked and is available for download.


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